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  1. Looking for a pure whippet for stud in North Wales. Thanks.
  2. the reason i havent been on for a while is just this. i think i prefer to go out hunting than read this crap. i cover a lot of land in north wales but can't find any pockets that still have lots of rabbits - i do hunt the land quite a lot (lamping at night and hawks, terriers and ferrets in the day - when not in work!) its just that rabbits seem to have disappeared more than ever and not finding many with mixi anyway going to highlands for a mth in december on a mates land where there are still plenty of rabbits thanks anyway
  3. i hunt around north wales and there are very few rabbits about - has anyone else noticed this?
  4. give her a week to let toe heel then we sort it out to go out

  5. when can i see it do the business
  6. that dog in mess this moning its cut it back leg on the inside bad thats why i think it was way it was must of caught it on that fence

  7. look on who got best bull my bitch is on their zoom in on her

  8. on a very very good night in north wales, out all night i've caught 11 but when go to scotland on hunting holiday can do that in an hour
  9. what do you call a good bag in you area? when dogs fit and conditions perfect
  10. out all day with terrier and lurchers = got soaked so having a whiskey

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