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  1. Jas1389

    Gas Debeakers

    Letting them out end of next week pen is 30mts by30mts with only 40birds in it at the min farm didn't want us letin them out until he got his crop in
  2. Jas1389

    Gas Debeakers

    There in the release pen with top net on they are 11 weeks was gona try the bits but think they are to small for them
  3. As title looking for some stalking in n.ireland a few paid days or a syndicate
  4. Dose any one use one of these is there any better ones to buy than others have tried everything to try and stop the pheasants from peaking each other and this is a last resort
  5. Jas1389


    Looking some beating in around co.down banbridge willing to help out before the shooting season as well
  6. Jas1389

    Beaters& Pickers Up Welcome For Ni Shoot

    Hi do you still need any beaters for this season