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  1. Zoe6660

    Small Cuts

    Wash it with sterile water and use baby sudo cream x
  2. I got 7 dogs to worm and I normally go to vets or shop but I want to order together online what wormer is the best and any websites x
  3. Zoe6660

    Dog Law Changes Dda

    It's getting more stupid by the day.
  4. Zoe6660

    Cla Gamefair

    How much is it for two adults for two days Saturday and Sunday please I can't find price x
  5. Zoe6660


    Awwwww that's great x
  6. I'm looking for some rabbit or pigeon that's frozen so I can buy from someone for my ferrets please South Wales, Blackwood Sorry admin if I post in wrong place not sure where to post x
  7. Zoe6660

    Kit Still Biting At 8 Week

    Hand them everyday I don't play with mine with hands I get toys and make sure no food smells on UR hand. We scruff ours and say a firm no and it seems to work x
  8. Zoe6660

    Ferrets In The Heat

    I been spraying mine with cool water every half hour and giving them ice cubes with treats frozen inside I think I'll give them a frozen pigeon soon and another cold bath like earlier x
  9. Zoe6660

    What Air Rifle Best For Rabbiting

    Thank you both, x
  10. There is soo many different ones I'm struggling to pick, from experience what would u pick without lisence? For rabbiting and pigeons?
  11. Zoe6660

    dog clippers

    I've used human clippers on my dogs but u got to be carful not to cut dog try groomers online . Com x
  12. Zoe6660

    Just A Few Pics

    Wow they really nice detailed photos x
  13. I'm looking for one Jill adult or kit local to Blackwood South Wales, please
  14. Zoe6660

    What Is Bushing?

    Thank u for fast replies, sounds good to me horse and red coats lol
  15. Zoe6660

    What Is Bushing?

    I haven't heared of this yet and would love your views and how you work your dogs and what dogs u own for this please x