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  1. Leestamper

    Lurcher Bitch

    Found a home for her now cheers
  2. Leestamper

    Lurcher Bitch

    Gwp grey x Wheaton grey bitch 3 year old inbox for details not sure how to attach a photo on here but can send off my phone based in Cumbria
  3. Leestamper

    Sealyham X Russell Pups

    All sold now sorry
  4. Leestamper

    Sealyham X Russell Pups

    Sent a pm to use both
  5. Three dogs pups for sale! 5 week old on Saturday legally docked and chipped well bred good strong pups! £250 £50 deposit based in Cumbria. Can whatsapp pictures if you pm me a no.
  6. Leestamper

    3/4 Sealyham 1/4Russel

    Oright messaged u on fb
  7. Thanks a lot much appreciated
  8. Just emailed you know is there any other way of getting in touch with welshydale?? Where did u get your bitch from if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Not sure how to put piks on here on here or would put them up?
  10. Very nice bitch I have messaged him now! Is she your first sealyham??
  11. I've got two with Russel in but friend has a pure sealyham bitch I bred a litter two years ago but if use dog pup on the sealyham I won't be able to use off spring to line the bitch out the same litter as dog pup!
  12. Sealyham dog or pup wanted willing to travel or sealyham Russell or info on a good working dog to use for stud!