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  1. Hi all, Not a new member but someone who is returning as I haven't been around for a few years, I thought I would reintroduce myself. I'm Mackenzie, I am based in sunny Cornwall, in the coming weeks I will be picking up a new air rifle to get myself started again. With everything going on with Covid it will give me plenty of time to shoot some targets at home, while I try to secure a permission for when I can get out in the field. This time round my 15yr old son has shown an interest so it would be good to get him out and not sat in front of his xbox, more surprising is all 4 of my c
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not exactly new, but iv not been on here for a few years so I figured I'd say hi to everyone once again. When I previously signed up many years ago I intended to start hunting with air rifle but due to circumstances I was unable to pursue it. Thankfully things have changed for the better, and I am now looking at taking it up once more. I do not have an air rifle yet, but I am looking at getting one in the new year. Im based in the Illogan area in Cornwall, so there are lots of farms around me, it's a case of knocking on a few doors to hopefully gain a p
  3. You guessed right lol, yeah its really good weather so people making the most of it i expect. there are a few people around your area though.
  4. Hi Ross, Havent spoken to you for a while RFUK Theres quite a few people on here in cornwall, not sure how many are in your area.
  5. No longer needed as aquired 2 cracking hobs
  6. Thanks guys for all the replies, i was not quite expecting to log in to find so many people have commented so it is much appreciated. I am in no rush to be shooting bunnys or anything else for that matter, i do like to know exactly what i am doing before i take the next step up, so i have no issue in going for spring and the progress accordingly. the way i see it is were all looking to shoot rabbits and other game, so the least we can do is to actually know how to shoot straight and put them down without any suffering. It doesnt always go to plan but when your ability is high then your
  7. Id probably be lookin at a MAX budget of £500 ish.
  8. Hi Craig, Thank you for the warm welcome, I have not set a budget currently, as i am mainly looking at what is on the market, and mainly looking for advice on perhaps a range of guns that would be more suited to a novice rather than someone that is experienced. I do have 34 acres to play with but i will not be shooting any rabbits until i am confident i am able to make the kill shot. As with pretty much any product on the market today there are good brands of guns and bad ones, so id like to know of maybe a couple of brands that people would prefer over say some of the forign brands etc
  9. Hi mate, The end result will be shooting rabbits, how ever i am not the type to just shoot them without killing them, i am a snake keeper and i couldnt feed any rabbits to any of my snakes when they are pumped full of shot. so it would be only when i am ready to shoot rabbits that it will actually be done. I just dont want to buy a gun and get a feel for it and once confident enough in my abilities then have to go and buy another gun that is capable of killing a rabbit. so would rather get something reasonable capable of doing the job in the first place. i should have explained a little
  10. Hi guys, I am new to shooting, and i would like some advice on what people would recommend as a good gun to start off with. I will be looking to shoot rabbits mainly so would require something good enough for that, and one that will last. would really appreciate any views and any suggestions, I am not looking to spend a lot of money to start off with so something reasonably priced until i am at a stage where i will progress onto something better. cheers Lee
  11. Haha thats not what i expect to read when i logged on here today, Nice to see others in the area though i was beginning to feel all alone lol will message you JD
  12. Many thanks Nick, may give you a shout if i am in the area
  13. Im on the look out for 2 hobs in the cornwall area, working background preferred. Is there anything around?
  14. Hey guys, Im looking for either a mk1 or mk3 ferret finder with 2 collars, must be in good condition and all working correctly 16ft preferred. Reasonably priced. Either in the cornwall area or should be willing to post. Also looking everything else for ferreting, ferret box, game bag etc or someone selling a complete kit. cheers
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