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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply, they sell for £45.00 plus postage. visit www.flightlinedecoys.co,uk
  2. Hi guys, thought we'd show you the new goose animator, we are working on, will be ready in a few weeks time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBYXrSyAzQE&list=HL1378464488&feature=mh_lolz
  3. I agree the crows do investigate the movement, more often than not, they come well to within range to be shot, and yes we also use a call to 'seal the deal!' Thanks for your comments. Nick
  4. Charlie, are you on Facebook mate?. i run a page, shoot-swap-days you can post for a swap i,e ferreting for pigeon etc, we've got over 300 mebers and swaps going on all the time, I know for a fact we have a couple of pigeon guys from Hampshire..worth a go!
  5. Nice looking site, and very reasonable prices for the pigeon shooting, seeing as some outfits charge in excess of £75 per day!. shame you don't have a 'links' page, as I knw this company would have been interested in doing a reciprocol link exchange. http://www.flightlinedecoys.co.uk/
  6. Shooting is an expensive sport, we all know that, but once you have this it will serve you well for years, how many people have youheard winge about crap kit they have bought, and lasted no time I've certainely done it!..........and who's 'fat boy'?? lol
  7. Her's the latest doying aid t come out of the Fightlines nest, the ff3-Crowmotion, it uses the brilliant Sillosocks Hypaflpper crow decoy, the wing movement is so realistic, thi is going to be a hit with shooters AND crows alike! http://www.flightlinedecoys.co.uk/store/decoy-products/ff3-decoy-animator-crowmotion-detail
  8. You could try putting one of these out on a rabbit carcass, or with some crow deeks http://www.flightlinedecoys.co.uk/store/decoy-products/ff3-decoy-animator-crowmotion-detail
  9. On the contrary marty, they resemble a landing bird. the video footage doesn't do them justice. thy are deadly when placed in your decoy pattern. the idea is to get movement, the flashing of the wing bands from up above (where the pigeons are) is very realistic
  10. Will be available from the website www.flightlinedecoys.co.uk as from next week. or you can find them on Facebook. Flightline Decoys.co.uk. they re running a competitin on there at the moment, just like thier page and put a funny caption to a picture, and you can win a whole set up ff1, hypa flapper,,timer and batery!
  11. Has anyone got one of these yet?. real nice bit of kit new on the market.
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