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    Hunting football taking dog ona long walk i like shooting pigeons haha onli joking
  1. Il upload some pics of her on weekend because i dont think i can upload with mobile fine ,
  2. Del , could u help me ive got a lovley pup she 8 months old , she a cross breed what best way train her go after rabbit she a x with suliki wippet x collie greyhound x french mastiff x rottweiler she got the colie grey and wippet looks and instinct
  3. Anybody know anything about rabbiting people ?
  4. Hi there ive got a 8 month old pup she come onnlovley she got abit of a mad breed in her, she looking more lurcher and got the lurcher insinct , she crossed with a suliki wippetx collie greyhound x french mastiff x rottweiler , i was wondering wats best ways of training her to go for rabbits ?
  5. Thanks mate im she got good listening skills , just struggles abit on lamp at night would u recomend i go out in day ?
  6. Hi there whats best way to start my 7 month pup , i want her use for rabbiting in day.and night
  7. Hey can u all help me out whats best way to train dog for rabbiting as i dont have any other dogs to show her what to do
  8. Hi there ive got a bit of a mixed breed pup she 7 months old now want her to ger into hunting for rabbits and foxes etc , ive got a collie grey x saluki wippitx french mastiff x rottweiler she looking the more the lurscher and wippet really fast she has gone for one rabbit when she spotted it but i was to laye releseing her off the lead , as i was only taking her for a walk and didnt realise
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