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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I'm mostly exposed to US hunting, and it just seemed a really odd law with that sort of a background. I've always been more interested in rifles, but lately getting really excited about shooting a shotgun and all the different options the one tool can provide.
  2. Hi, could someone please explain the reasoning for this law "It is an offence to shoot wildfowl or game with a self-loading gun having a magazine capacity of more than two cartridges."? I'm new to shotguns and this seems to limit my options, as I hope to rough shoot. Thanks, Erika
  3. I don't know tbh, but I would think you will need to provide the details or your weapon and ammunition to get a solid answer.
  4. The nearest I've come to seeing a barn owl was spotting its droppings a number of years ago... I still vividly recall a large stag running across the school field when out with the family though.
  5. Hugh and the River Cottage people have a video called Pig for a Day, it might be on 4OD, it goes into depth about making sausages and other meat products and might give you some good ideas or an overview of the fundamentals. I've never made my own yet, but was rather found of the Venison ones from Able and Cole, hope they turn out good :-)
  6. I felt the same about this for quite a while now, and its the first time I've heard anyone else mention it :-) I would feel a lot better about Dr's, nurses, and other essential staff getting paid far higher than they do now, as opposed to some of the very high salaries footballers and other sport celebs earn. You could even set the cap much higher than this and still rake in a lot of money for the economy.
  7. Well that's novel, no idea you could simply order your prescription online. Assumed I would be expecting another massive bill, this is worth exploring.
  8. Hi, I'm ready for a new set of glasses as the ones I have were originally purchased just for use on the computer, but I now feel its a good time to invest in a pair for more consistent use. Hopeful to take up shooting soon, I thought about getting some prescription shooting glasses. Would I be able to invest in a good pair of those and use them both on and off the range? Thanks, Erika
  9. Hi, this is my first time in the forums. I've just applied for a new target shooting club, and hope to apply for an FAC within 4 months. I've shot before at a smaller club, but not for a number of years and haven't been granted an FAC before. I'm already nervous about the prospect, looking forward to the day when I can just buy my equipment and start shooting. After some time on the ranges, I would like to do a DSC1 course, and ideally buddy up with a local hunter or group who can help me become accustomed to the ways of the hunter :-) I'm excited about being able to bag a few rabbits and pigeons for the pot, and eventually would like to stalk some roe.
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