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  1. Ken you do you have any parts for career 707 sub 12 in your bits box looking for sub 12 transfer port, shortened valve stem and sleeve that fits over stem. any help very much appreciated

    cheers les

    1. kenj


      Hi Maxwell, I see that Predator Guns have a standard brass transfer port for £12. Possibly will have the valve you are after, or could grind it down. 


      career service tools valve + stock removing tool for removing valve spring retainer without taking gun apart and to change exhaust valve . £24 Retaining ring...

      Are you converting from FAC to 12 lb? Once a rifle is registered as a firearm it cannot be officially put back to standard, although on the Career 707 it is so easy to convert either way. I bought a standard 1 mm 12 lb port for mine, which was illegal with a 5 mm hole. I went FAC with a 2.5 mm port to 28 lb with Bisley Magnums.

    2. maxwell


      Thanks for the reply, im trying to make some mods to get better shot count sub 12

    3. kenj


      Mine at 28 ftlb has about 10 shots, then drops off needing mil dot use, although I usually only go out for an hour, or two. Half a dozen rabbits take a bit of lugging back to the van.

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