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  1. Evening all, Bit of an issue arose over the Bettinsoli I thought I was getting. The gun was on the sellers certificate as a Bettinsoli, but as it was in storeage with our local RFD on them transfering it onto my certificate, they noted it as a Beverly. which is engraved on the steelwork. I can't find anything on these guns on the internet, and the previous owner has misplaced the other chokes. Leaving me with just 3/4 and full in the gun. Ideas on a postcard please.
  2. Hello bud, I'm a new start on here too. The guys always seem keen to help, and share their knowledge. Happy hunting
  3. Hey Toasty, I have heard of this before. I have been doing a bit of looking into these guns and all reports seem to say older guns with a heavier load experience trigger issues. Another problem which arises is that following the first barrel, the recoil engages the safety giving you a misfire on the second. Pitty, the rest of the gun seems to be well made.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. The gun thins out to be a Beverly. Listed on the sellers certificate as a Bettinsoli. There was a bit of conversation with our RFD who seems to think that Bettinsoli made these guns for the HullCartridgeCo who marketed them as a Beverly??? Has anyone ever heard of this? I don't want to order Bettinsoli chokes if its not the same gun.
  5. Cheers for that Reece. Do you know about stockists for Bettinsoli? The problem is, the previous owner has misplaced the chokes, at the moment its got 3/4 and full in. I would be looking to get the set to broaden my scope for a mixture of wildfowl and clays.
  6. Cheers for the feedback Jason, Does the gun have the option to select ejectors or disable? PS. That sooks like a fair Hare!
  7. This is a first for myself joining a BLOG! Just created a profile yesterday. Not that tecno minded so I thought I'd give it a try. I submitted my SG application to our Licencing Dept at Northern Constabulary, and was delighted at the speed of the response! Two days after submitting the application my referee was on the phone to say that he'd been contacted and he'd done the nesscary. Working offshore i was shocked when the wife told me that later that week they had being on the phone to arrange an interview and inspect me storeage facilities. With the cabnet still in the garage, it was strait home to get it fitted in position the week before christmas. Quite chuffed with my efforts, I settled into what I thought would be a relaxing family christmas when to my suprise on boxing day night, there was a knock at the door. Anwsering it with a housefull of guests and a large dram in hand there stood to of the constabularys finest. Inviting them in, the interview was progressing nicely through the officers check list until the question arose, "So Mr Bisset, do you drink?" with a bottle on the table and a glass in hand, "Sociably" was the anwser, all the time thinking - "dont pop your head into the kitchen." Well within a week, and two days after i arrived back at work the cretificate arrived. I've now got days to go before i can get along to our local shop in Inverness to pick up the Bettinsoli i left a deposit on. More about that one soon. I am a very impatiant person....... Think a compasionate leave might be in order???
  8. The countdown is on, canna wait to get off this rig and out onto the mud!

  9. Yeah, just spoke with a pal, who's the seller. Looks like i've just bought it! Happy boy!! The early bird gets the worm, the second mouse always gets the cheese
  10. Thanks for the Link, just what I needed to see. Although, I think I've decided and it looks like I've got a Bettinsoli, going to be a more suitable gun, being multi choke!
  11. Anyone have any thoughts on these guns? I have put a deposit down on a Baikal but am toying with the idea of changing this for a bettinsoli which may be coming on the market. Thoughts would be appreciated The early bird catches the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.
  12. Hey Steve, welcome to the site. I'm new here aswell. Finding it very informative. So what's your sport???
  13. Hey stay keen, welcome to the forum. I'm new here aswell but it seems full of knowledge. Happy hunting
  14. Hey lurcher man welcome to the forum, dogs are not my sport but the forums very welcoming. I've joined recently and am finding it a great resource. Happy hunting!
  15. 1970s gun proofed for steel, are you sure? I thought steel was only introduced commercially in the 90s??? Will have a look over those reviews though! Cheers for that.
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