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  1. Nice that mate how much that cost to finish?
  2. Well for brains theirs the collie. Power a bull x and energy a saluki but any dog can have brains with the right training power comes naturally but isnt really need unless you're killing big game and energy well just get your dog fit and its fine. I use a saluki x bull x grey good dog pretty fast, runs for fun and is strong as anything due to the bull in him atb.
  3. Saluki/bull/grey 12 month old, do you think he needs bulking up or not because in the pictures he looks pretty skinny. If so what food would you recommend I'm currently giving him dry Pedigree food. Here's the second pic sorry it just wouldnt let me attach this picture for some reason http://gyazo.com/2a50d08627a6c1ccebaabf9696a8d8c9
  4. Okay so i bought a striker off my mate today and he told me it had the cigarette lighter end cut off but prior to this i was gonna buy a Deben lithium battery for it. So, I am wondering would i still be able to use my striker with a lithium battery even though cigarette lighter is cut off. Cheers
  5. Cheers for the replies lads i ended up buying myself a striker, think ill just buy an motorbike battery 14ah will do the job for a while.
  6. If you want your dog to be a good worker take her out with other peoples who's dogs already work so she will learn from them. Dogs learn a lot faster and easier from other dogs.
  7. Good bag mate and that dogs looking fit nice colour aswell.
  8. Could i put a 50w Lance bulb in a striker? Just so the battery lasts twice as long and would it make much of a difference?
  9. Would the Lightforce 170 striker work with a 8ah lithium battery and if so how long would it last? do you think i'd just be better with going for the 10ah or even 14ah and spending a bit more money?
  10. Anyone know any decent lamps and a decent battery. I'm thinking about getting the Lightforce Lance just because it's small and will do the job for the fields around where i live so anyone got any different suggestions as for batterys i don't have a clue what to get except i dont really have the money for a lithium one.
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