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  1. Sorry mate i posted another link
  2. http://m.preloved.co.uk/m/showadvert/110617895/rottweiler-cross-puppy-for-sale-blue-brown-and-black.html theirs a better link sorry lads
  3. I know this is not lurcher or running dog related but I am I need of a favour Could someone on here who has preloved membership get me the contact number from this ad http://m.preloved.co.uk/m/showphotos/110617895 thanks.
  4. Probably been done before but I've been thinking about getting a collie greyhound but if I were to get one I would like a 3/4 grey. 1/4 collie just to give it abit more height and speed. Have any of you ran this cross before. If so any pictures and positives of this cross would be appreciated thanks.
  5. lovely looking dog pal whats the breeding the first one is a saluki bull grey x bull grey the 2nd dog is a bull grey x whippet grey
  6. saluki bull grey x bull grey and 2nd dog is a whippet grey x bull grey
  7. thats a bonnie dog bargain for someone I know mate it's a shame to let him go alot of people have been interested in him like im gonna keep in contact with whoever gets him to see how he does next season.
  8. nice little dog that mate how come your letting him go No space for him mate and i already have to other male dogs, And next season i wont be able to get out much as im going to be working nights. i wanna get rid of him as i don't wanna hold him back and let someone else run him on to hill full potential.
  9. Shame you're so far away i have a perfect little rabbiting dog im selling for cheap here have a look at it mate http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/108711613/bull-whippet-greyhound.html
  10. Yes the lamp is still for sale and i will give the batterys in for free as i have give the charger to my mate ill take £40 for them.
  11. The batterys are heavy mate it would cost alot of post so i cant really do that.
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