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  1. Yes please, I'll buy this if still available. Can you message me payment details pls mate
  2. hi mate. i can't seem to send you a message for some reason. i'm intersted in this and might be able to collect. pls can you send me a message. thanks
  3. hi mate. can't seem to send you a message. i'm interested and might be able to collect. pls can you om me. thanks
  4. i can't seem to message you mate
  5. are all these edguns single shot guns?
  6. Any pics mate? Can u pm me a contact no pls
  7. This is for an air rifle by the way
  8. hi guys. i'm trying to decide which is the best bipod to buy and i want one that is at least extendable for knee-on-the-ground shots. i've been looking at the vanguard ones but never heard of anyone actually owning one. any help will be appreciated
  9. looking for a mk2 rapid and can travel
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