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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has one on here. I've had mine since January 2008 great all round car
  2. I've got a x reg non turbo. Had it for around 6 years now and still going strong. Great for my life style with ferreting and shooting around the fields.
  3. I have had it second hand it come with the springer i brought from my unlce years ago but never really got the chance to use it, Now i have my FX im using it alot more, Not really happy with how its proforming which is why im thinking of getting a new one, A friernd has a lightforce 140 for sale which im thinking about or maybe a tracer model not sure yet
  4. Hi mate the lamp has already got its own extension tube fitted to it. Im going to try moving the lamp back ready for the next time i go
  5. Hi mate ive checked the bulb it is the correct one, i brought it from a gun shop near me £15
  6. Hi mate im very near to brierley Hill if you now in,
  7. Hi guys as the title says I'm in need of some help with my lamping, Currently I'm using a logun lamp with 6v bat for my lamping trips and I've started to notice I'm getting a flare come though my scope while I'm shooting with the lamp fitted on my scope. Is there a way of getting rid of this, I've put camo tape round my silencer thinking that would help but to find it hadn't, o well back to the drawing board. I'm been suggested to move the scope back away from the end of my scope and towards the eye piece don't know it its going to work. While I'm on the subject of lamps I've been off
  8. Thanks for that mate thats great
  9. Morning guys, hope all are well. As the title says please can anyone help, My boss where i work (Primary School) has asked me to fit a bird box to the end of the building, Its one of these that has a camrea fitted inside so the children can hopefull see a bird nesting. It has a hole of about 30cm wide, so im thinking something along the line of a tit maybe. Can anyone suggest how and where i sould position it ie which direction its best to face for example Thanks Gareth
  10. Hi gareth i dont know what its called but its a cloth camo tape mate and not the one that sticks to its self hope this helps atvbmac Think i know the stuff thanks
  11. Ya mate my springer did bonce abit which i noticed too but i had them with me just if i decided to take a shot using them
  12. Thanks Ya the fx is a nice shot, My mate/Shooting buddy has the webley raider ans i think the FX beats it shooting wise and for looks
  13. Here is my 16 shot .177 FX T12 mounted with a nikko stirling scope And heres what the T12 replaced, A UK made Webley and Scott Excel in .22
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