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  1. Hey Timmy, I'll go have a look I was also looking at the Webley en4orcer. What's going on with all these Artemis rifles?
  2. Hey guys, what do you all think the best value PCP below £500 is as I am looking to get back into shooting?
  3. Lol funny I just got that treereeper well no bigger than 5mm lol
  4. Turns out it's the pellets, gunsmith used jsbs and got a group of around 3mm at 15yards.. Schoolboy error on my part Atb Nick
  5. Sorted school boy error on my part. The gun likes jsb Exacts lol The gunsmith shot a group at 15 yards the size of the group was 5mm Atb Nick
  6. Oh deary.me.. We ain't all wizx kids with camera phones?
  7. Hope so.. Off to rfd tomorrow. So I'll get him to look @ it
  8. It's all new only been.in garden with it until other day when out to sight in further that's when I discovered problem
  9. Will group at 25 yards and not at 35 just spits all over place one min will group next it won't... Someone suggested cleaning barrel.. Atb
  10. Don't matter guys there's something wrong with rifle if you have seen my other posts.
  11. OK bigmac just suggested that.. I try when I get hold of some string..
  12. Sounds like gd night I'll clean barrel and get bak to you failing that it's going back to the shop lol! Thanks for your advice Atvb Nick
  13. I shall get some jsbs after barrel has been cleaned. How's raider? Thanks Mac
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