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  1. Good call lads,yeh I'm asking basically frm a pup if you was to get a new one
  2. What do you prefer or are you not botherd
  3. Cheers lads for the info much appreciated
  4. Nice looking dog pal good mix aswell wouldn't mind one my self
  5. Yeh good call about the parents mate
  6. yeh I understand it's down to the owner most of it n training I would just like a good breed that's known to do well
  7. What wippet x would you guys recommend for just rabbits lamping on field I fancy one
  8. Awesome info guys keep it coming,a lot of people have been mentioning collie x wippet or bed x wippet
  9. Ok sound,so what wippet x would you go for if you was going to get one
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