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  1. What you on about do you know what f**k this and f**k the lot of you si your a f*****g twat why have you just turnd on Cant belive your still thinking im a graham well f**k this im of this forum pon to a other
  2. WOW there some nice rifle on here lads that tx200 is looking well nice.And also that R10 thanks for taking part guys
  3. i have found a way on youtube to rotate it.I f this doesn't work then are have to do a new one tomorrow
  4. does anyone know how to rotate the video i can find out how to do it thanks
  5. Thanks for the comment's anybody could do this with practice.I just wanted to show of a bit and you should see what else i have planned after iv completed this mission.Call it the christmas special
  6. Just sorting the video now found out how to rotate it so your understand now lol
  7. thanks pal im just sorting the video out so u can see it better
  8. So i did a few practice shots today set at 30 yards on my farm shooting grounds at the back of his garden the video up side down how do i change this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjWG0iJ7K2g
  9. how do i upload a video ??? iv been practising my pellet challenge and i have a clip to show set at 30 yard with 3 22 pellets and a spinner
  10. :lol: :lol: very nice si .is that your own custom rifle pal. nice looking gun SKOT
  11. yh can't miss its bigger than big lol. Can't wait to give it ago i'll have to practice first for a few days and fridays the big one
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