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  1. As the title says , what do you guys find the easiest and best way to trap pheasants live? I have a young GSP and wanted to hide a couple in cages in cover to hopefully help him start pointing! ATB Mark
  2. Have to agree with you one that one ,only the best Kangaroo leather for anklets on my birds !
  3. Amazing then how generations of hawks and falcons have survived the perils of a wooden box,just dont know how we managed. Mate I haven't a box to sell so I have nothing to gain from saying one is better than the other,this is just my opinion which I am entitled too ! You have PM Diezel1 so am I right in thinking you have a wooden one to sell him???? ATB Mark
  4. Each to there own mate but I wouldnt put my stuffed hawk in one never mind my pride and joy!!
  5. Depends what sort your looking for mate , you can pick up a wooden one cheap enough but I would stay way clear of a wooden box and go for the new type ( plastic). There easier to clean ,last forever and as long as there cleaned properly won't hold any disease ! ATB Mark
  6. Falconry electronics telemetry on 173, used but in mint condition ! Both transmitter and receiver in great working order,never let me down . Only for sale as I bought a marshalls 434 set! £300 Photos on request Call Mark 07884285397
  7. No I didn't think so but you never do know !!!!
  8. Not many places have them mate! Got a 707 you can buy though lol
  9. Is the battery pack light weight lithium?
  10. As the title says looking for a 12v 12/14ah battery pack,cash waiting! Regards Mark
  11. I have a male who will catch rabbit ,pheasant ,partridge etc and a female that will catch the same plus hare! Regards Mark
  12. Paulus funny you say that ,I spoke to him the other night and offered my services beating or helping filling feeders.Seemed a real nice bloke and says I can go on there after the shooting season is done! So that's a real bonus but doesn't really help right now,so knock knock knocking it is! Regards Mark
  13. Walshy what you after swapping it for mate?
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