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  1. Carl Rooney

    Funny Insuilts

    She's seen more helmets than hitler. Your that ugly the tide wouldn't take ya out. Thon cu^t would ride a dead dog till it barked.
  2. Carl Rooney

    help with kits

    if your up for gettn a few bites offer them your knuckle and when they bite shove your knuckle a bit further in.. it dosent hurt them but after a few times they stop biting ...
  3. Carl Rooney

    Stupid myths and tales

    I had my lurcher down the beach hes brindle in colour... heard some we lad askin his mum if it was a tiger. I near pissed
  4. Carl Rooney

    Ferreting DVD Wanted!

    check on ebay there is usually loads of them and there cheap enoungh
  5. Carl Rooney

    anyone from newcastle co.down. who'd like to go?

    Im up for it , got rid of the ferrets years ago miss it , still have a lurcher but i only take it out on the lamp havnt tested him with ferrets.