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  1. Micheal Bell


    Bugga missed it
  2. Micheal Bell

    Daystate Huntsman Mk1

    Cheers Durham John, yea ive posted on them as well and no response.
  3. Right guys im after some help. Ive been donated a early MK1 daystate huntsman. and its a full restoration project and im after some help finding some parts that are missing. I have contacted daystate with no luck and also Staffordshire custom air rifles and the air gun doctor to try and track down these parts but no luck at all. im hope in that some one on here will either have these parts or know where i can get these parts from. This poor rifle has been abused by the weather and forgot about and its time to breath life back into her. The breach is in a bad way but the cylender is ok the rust on it wiped off and is in very good condition photo makes it look bad. the parts needed are as followed :Brass breach bolt knob/handle :breachblock saftey fixing screw :saftey catch :saftey catch ball bearing and spring Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  4. Micheal Bell

    Bsa Cadet Major

    i got a old .177 bsa Cadet major up stairs. can sort a deal out if you want mucker. ill sort some pics out as well.
  5. Micheal Bell

    Night Vision Scope Or Add On Wanted

    Hello budd. i got a pitch black night vision unit for sale if your interested budd cheer
  6. Micheal Bell

    Pitch Black Night Vision Unit For Sale

    I hope you sell ya scope tim lol
  7. Micheal Bell

    Pitch Black Night Vision Unit For Sale

    Price drop £240 need gone ASAP.
  8. Micheal Bell

    At My Wits End With The Stress Of Poachers

    Lol Mushroom nice try mucker
  9. Micheal Bell

    At My Wits End With The Stress Of Poachers

    Socks there is a lot more than rabbits on there budd. the only way to describe it is a Honey whole. Its taken me years to get that perm i have all the farms and woodlands around the place signed permissions. Trenchfoot. there is 2 entrances to this golf course the main gate. and another entrance at the bottom back of the site which should not be there but plodd knows were they come and go from.
  10. Micheal Bell

    At My Wits End With The Stress Of Poachers

    were i shoot i have all the surrounding farms and woodlands as well and there is pritty much everything seasons permitting. the farmers i shoot for are having the same problem as well. its getting to the point were you call the police and it takes them up to 20mins/30 to turn up and i know they have more dutys to do than chasing poachers across fields. .
  11. Ok guys. one of my permissions have is starting to become a pain in the back side.every night ive been for the last 3 weeks i have found poachers on there and have had to get the police in. so i end up having pack up my gear and head off as when they come to catch them the blues are on and the sirens are as well and as you can Imagen everything goes to ground really quickly. in the last 2 months there has been 12 arrest no idea how far its gone after that as thats down to the golf course. So what would you do keep at it with getting the police to keep coming and arresting them or would you just call it a day on that permission?