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  1. Patterdale or patt x Jack View Advert Patterdale or patterjack pup wanted any about ? Preferably a dog but would take a bitch on. cheers. Tom. Advertiser countrylad2 Date 09/02/20 Price £200.00 Category Working Terriers  
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    Patterdale or patterjack pup wanted any about ? Preferably a dog but would take a bitch on. cheers. Tom.


    - GB

  3. I would of done mate but my phone is knackered so using the Mrs phone at the moment
  4. they are separate as the Jill still has kits in with her
  5. and I thought my lass was gullible haha oh god can't believe I even started believing it
  6. Is this a genuine thing to do are are you taking the p#%^ ?
  7. I have a hob who I put to the Jill a few months back all went fine had a litter, went to the hutch today he's acting normal but his balls are all very swollen up didn't know if this was normal ? Cheers
  8. Got two polcat kits free to good home 1 hob and 1 Jill from good working strain both parents can be seen in Somerset
  9. Hi all I'm looking for as much information and guidance as possible, I am looking at introducing ducks to a small shoot of ours next season, we are looking at putting down around 60 duck between a couple good size ponds my main questions are do people push ducks straight from the pond as I have been told this is not the way to do it. If this is the case do people use a crop where they draw the ducks to and flight them from their? as you can probably tell we have never put ducks down before and are very new to the idea, the only time I have shot ducks is when they have been flushed straight off of a pond. also if anyone knows where I can purchase mallard eggs and how much I should be looking at spending and information possible would be more that appreciated. many thanks Tom
  10. Like the design of this one Iv pm'd you
  11. Yeah can't blame anyone for not wanting to lend out there ferrets do you know if he is a good working hob and its just the one Jill if you could ask that would be amazing thank you
  12. I'm in Taunton but have means of transport so not worried about getting about, just aslong as its not too far
  13. hi everyone my Jill has come into season late this year and I am in desperate need of a hob to borrow or buy preferably borrow for a price I am in Somerset and pretty new to the game and was just wondering if anyone could help out. It will be more than appreciated! Cheers guys
  14. i have just realised my Jill has just come into season and had a couple of questions First of all is it to late to put a job to her If so what should I do If not Its a big stretch but I'm looking for someone around Taunton/Somerset with a good smallish male to put to her ?
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