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  1. rizla

    for stud

    If you get a mating with a collx gray or something similar will you let me now.I live in cumbria but will travel for the right pup rizla
  2. rizla


    can anyone tell me if there is still a lot of rabbits on the Shetland
  3. thanks fore all the helpful coments. I wil try the carrots and broccloi .
  4. Can you get a com-pleat food fore ferrets and if so what is its name don't say rabbit.
  5. feck off dum wit name your pup your self
  6. Is ther mutch pigeon shooting going on in cumbria
  8. i can try and try but it does'nt work to post jpegs off my pc, rizla?
  9. Hi, I am trying to upload some photoes and it keeps saying that they are too big , but they are not they are only 501 KB thats not even 1 mg , how do you do it ? Cheers, rizla
  10. is it the dog thats ready fore entering or the owner?
  11. the running season is over fore most of us .with the clocks going back this week end and the knights getting liter. I start to think of getting the gill net and the long lines out of their sacks .I will need to replace all the aold hook with new . This is a job in it self as their are 100 hooks on each line we have 2 lines Then on the gill net the net will need checking fore holes and bra did lines This said once every this OK its of to the beech dogs an all.the dogs love the beech as it gives them the freedom to have a good gallop about Will we dig fore bait the beech helps the dogs feet it tightens keeping them in good order ounce the nets are set and long lines dated up its back to the fore shore .the bar bi is fired up and the tines unzip .We sit round the camp fire having the crack until Darn . We try to time it so the net is uncovered sum where around 4 or 5 in the morning As the dawn is creeping in we start to walk out with the ebbing tide hopeful to catch a glimpse of what is in the net or on the lines On good tide we may catch bass sea trout tope dog fish .The best of the catch we keep fore aw er selves but the dog fish and the tope are fore the dogs thees are gutted on the beech then taken home . cut the fish into chunks that will fit into perisher cooker skin and all Cook until they are much .Allow to cool then portion up fore each dogs needs. this makes a good summer food sources as it is high in protein witch keeps musels in god trim it all so acts as blood coolant the lads with the trail hounds feed this in summer when they are running their hounds Thy all so feed pike but this has Vere fine bones and must be checked Vere thoroughly So boys and girls just because is summer it dusent stop us having the crak with the dogs
  12. ya pays ya money and teck ya chan's
  13. Bedi whipet are good all round dog they are good at marking holes .can bee good on the lamp but sometimes a bit hard mouth the thing is do not let others influence you to much if you don't no much about this game people will tell you this and that and you will end up confused. get the bedi wip put as much time in with the pup and you will not be disappointed just remember every bodes dog is grate but not all the time rizla
  14. i got told that was a good small dog to get for rabbits. have you got any ideas about small dogs that are good for rabbits? coz i want to get 1
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