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    Nitesite recording

    Hi, Currently have the ns200 from nitesite and am looking at a recording device, jxd 318. Has anyone purchased one and if so what lead do you need to get it working. If not then can anyone reccomend and recording device, please supply shop details if you can. Jase
  2. jase2161

    Nitesite NS200......a little gem.

    I have the ns200 and must say i really rate it. I have taken fox, rabbits and plenty of rats with the system. However I have brought a jxd 318 recording device but struggling to find the right lead to connect to the nite siote camera. Can anyone help please. I have tried a 3.5 jack to jack but device not recognising camera. It does work on an old cam corder I have but this is not digital and no good for putting on computer.
  3. Hi all, Just brought a cz .17 hmr rifle and wanted some advice on what distance to zero the rifle in.