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  1. Hi,I'm looking to join a pheasant/partridge syndicate preferably within 50 mile radius of Boston Linc's. If anyone knows of any places available I would be very grateful if you could you pm me with any relevant details. Many thanks Andy
  2. Hi, for sale is my beretta al391 urika, it is in used but good condition, there is a few small marks on the stock which is to be expected. It comes with everything from new (5 chokes, sling swivels, extra butt pad and extra spacer, cast adjusters and spanners) and an extra choke plus the hard case. these are very reliable guns and this one is in full working order, the only reason im selling is ive bought another one but in camo. the price is reduced to £400, sgc and face to face only please. pm me for any further questions or to view. im in the boston lincs area many thanks chunk.
  3. Hi, i have a litter of black labs for sale. KC reg, 1st vac, wormed, mum and dad can be seen, deposit secures ready 24/03/12 £350 each, boston lincs please see photos and pm me for further details many thanks chunk one of the pups at 4 1/2 weeks followed by mum and dad
  4. Hi, thought i would post this photo of my dog ben when we where out wildfowling a couple of weeks ago. Ive just got into photography and enjoy it. Any comments good or bad on the photo would be gratefully received. I have a nikon d60 with 3 lenses (nikon 50mm prime, nikon18-55mm kit and a sigma 75-200mm zoom) Any helpful tips and hints on taking wildlife photography would also be very much appreciated. many thanks chunk
  5. Hi all, ive just applied for my variation on my fac for a 243, and not sure what rifle and scope to go for. I will have a budget of around £1000 . some say spend more on the scope than the rifle but would appreciate any views you have. It will be used for deer stalking and a bit of foxing. Ive been out stalking on a couple of estates over the past 12 months and have managed 5 roe as yet but always used the estate rifle and feel its time to get my own. So can i get kitted out for this budget, new or second hand and if so what make and model for both rifle and scope?? also whats the going rate for stalking, i paid £60 for the stalker and £40 for the cull, (it was cull stalking) is this about right. As much info as poss would be very gratefully received Many thanks Chunk
  6. Nice one wag, thats another season over for you and not a bad one. Think im gonna try in the morning and see how i get on. We will have to catch up and do a bit of lamping in the near future ATB CHUNK
  7. Ive been on the tay for the last 4 years and that pipe is still shyteeeee, we stay just up from errol at rait. Bloody good goose shooting now, how was it then?
  8. It wasnt the best morning for fowling, it was -13c, still, thick fog and the moon shining brightlly but ive not been for a couple of weeks for a morning flight and the end of the season is close so i thought i would give it ago and im pleased i did. The 1st problem was getting the van doors open as they were frozen shut and the 2nd was when i arrived at the car park i only had my light weight chest waders and no thermals on. I set off along the bank for a 30 to 40 min walk which was good as it kept me fairly warm and when i arrived at the rivers edge the visibility was only 40 to 50 yards not ideal. after 15 mins 8 teal flew by up river and as i was not ready didnt get a shot off but to my surprize they swung across the marsh and headed straight for me. I took 1 shot and down came a teal about 20 yards out into the river. As the teal hit the water ben was well on his way for his 1st retrieve of the morning, i only took the 1 shot as i knew full well ben would not be able to retrieve the 2nd if i hit it as the tide was coming in fast and because of the fog it would be out of sight before he returned withe 1st. The 2nd teal came in much the same way and only 1 shot again as it fell further out in the river and a good 2nd retrieve for ben. I thought i would give it 15 more mins when i heard some geese calling and on the move, there were greys and canadas in a small skien but still out of veiw but getting closer. A few moments later i saw the outline of them coming towards me and when i took the 1st shot they were 20 yards up and 25 yards to the left, a grey fell to the 1st shot another grey to the 2nd and a canada to the 3rd, well pleased 5 shots 5 kills. It was time to leave and half way back my shoulder was in a bit of pain due to the weight in the bag but i trudged on and made it to the van. An excellent morning in the end and as you can see from the photos ben was pleased to get home near the fire and his breakfast. i dont know how dogs manage in the cold like this but he loved it this morning and his tail never stopped wagging
  9. Ok i will try both your ideas and see how i get on many thanks chunk
  10. Hi, Im sure any club will give you advice on whats needed and where to be on there particular part of the saltings. There will be someone in most clubs who will take you out and point you in the right direction. I myself am a member of the south lincs wildfowlers club and would certainly take you out on a day ticket to show you round as would a few more members i know, this way you get to see what its all about before you join any club, so if you fancy a trip let me know. where ever you go i hope you enjoy it and get the wildfowling bug, it can at times be very hard work for little reward in the bag but just being out there is a reward in itself all the best chunk and ben PS you would need to be insured
  11. Hi all, I have a 2 year old lab dog who has a bit of a problem with retrieving. He has a good nose and has no problem in marking and picking the bird but is reluctant to give it to hand. He stops about 2/3 yards away from me and runs round holding it but will not come in and release. he is not heavy mouthed. ive tried getting down on my knees with open arms and my back up a wall, also tried walking away and towards him but he still stays 2/3 yards away from me as if to say i fetched it im keeping it attitude. ive been told to try a treat for him when he returns but also been told this will make him drop the bird waiting for his treat, I dont know what to do next, any help will be greatly received PS he also does this on dummies aswel as warm game, he has only been out in the field approx 8 weeks so dont think he is to young as dogs a lot younger retreive dummies with no problem many thanks chunk
  12. Hi peter121, whats the fowling been like on the mersey this year. Its been a bit difficult on the wash mainly due to the mild weather i think and a lot of westerly winds which is not the best this side of the country, theres been no pattern at all with ducks or geese. Ive just returned from a few days on the findhorn which proved just as difficult as the geese where all over the place but we (5 of us) managed to bag 9, 6 pinks and 3 greylag so cant complain to much. Looking forward to a week on the solway at the end of the season tho and thats another season over. hopefully bag a duck or two between know and then on the wash but who knows.... regards chunk
  13. Hi, anybody got a barrel for a beretta al391 s/a. not bothered what length, bulged the end of mine and cant find one any where or a site that sells spares will also help many thanks chunk and ben ive now found one thanks to one of our members
  14. Hi all, heres me and wag on our recent outing to a drain that we shoot. On arrival it was a little disapointing to find the wind that was forcast was more of a gentle breeze but as we were there we had to give it ago. Once in our positions we set the decoys and settled in to our hides mine being an old pallet on end stuffed with grass and reeds on the waters edge and wags a hole he dug on the bankside (which looked more like a crator than a hole to me lol). As dawn broke a pair of mallard came in fast and low and on they went fast and low as i was still half asleep, apparently so was wag. A few minutes later i heard a couple of shots from upstream and as i turned to look a single teal came fast and low again this time i was ready and it fell on the far bank to my first shot, a good shot for me and good retrieve for ben. There was a few more shots from up stream before my next chance came along which was another teal this one a far bit higher but just as fast, 1st barrel missed so did the 2nd and as i was just about to pull the trigger again directly above me at 25 yards was a single greylag so i pulled on to pulled the trigger just to hear a click, my last cartridge had jammed, well p***ed off. That was my last chance of the morning so i headed out to see how wag had got on. He ended up with 3 teal so not a bad morning at all. wag in his crator (lol) me on the waters edge wags morning bag
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