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  1. thanks bud where did you get the parts from pls
  2. have you got a theoben country man for sale plz
  3. Hi can some one please shed light on my rifles problem I bought this rifle expecting to fix the leak and now Im stumped as to why it still leaks I replaced a missing knock off valve spring and then filled with air it took a good while for the pressure to actually close the valve with a ping only to find it still leaked air BUT ONLY slightly this time I stripped and re stripped and cleaned etc only to find that actually cocking it stopped it leaking I then re stripped again only to then find it would only hold about 50 bar but again still lost all the air by morning IM NOW LOST AS TO WHAT AND WHY IT LEAKS any one please help thanks in advance
  4. come on guys n girls cant ay one help me out for a few days permission to wild camp ???? please any one in north Yorkshire area
  5. Hi can any one help please im looking to take my lad wild camping before he goes back to school in just over a week my lad is 14 and I am 49 so we are responsible we need just a few nights away in the North Yorkshire area, some where we would be able to make a small camp fire, pitch up a small 2 man tent I have tried all the holidays with no success to gain permission to do this my lad wanted to do it properly and try to make it as wilder camping as possible by been able to take a few rabbits for eating but unfortunately no one will give us permission. I am hoping some one on here may be able to help and let us wild camp for a few night if you can help then I would be very great full thank you as time is now running out before school
  6. Thanks for the info bud I have no intention of stealing any ones perms at all or asking for permission once im where ever wenare camping, as I know my self how hard it is to gain them all Im asking is if any one would allow us to have a couple nights wild camping up in the north Yorkshire area or any land owners would be willing to allow us the opportunity to wild camp I can see where your coming from tho bud. many shooter might be thinking the same I don't know id ask the land owners my self but I don't live that way so wouldn't know who to contact hence why im asking on here bud I am hoping some one on here may be able to help out but I understand where your coming from Rez
  7. Thanks for looking I am looking to take my lad wild camping but seem to be struggling really bad trying to find some where in the north Yorkshire area can i please add my lad and I want to be able to hunt for a few rabbits for our tea and be able to build a small camp fire proper wild camping as my lad puts it lol this will only be for a few nights if any one can help it would be much appreciated as school is starting back up again and I promised id take him just didn't bank on it been this hard tbh to find somewhere legal we can do this if any kind land owners wouldn't mind us pitching up for a few nights that would be great thanks guys n girls off to watch footy now so any replys il get back to you soon as I can and thank you
  8. sorry lads just come back on after been off for a while cheers lads for the replys
  9. owsome bit of kit bud if I had the money id snap it up ive had a good few of these and they are totally brilliant bloody hell out of work causes so much pain like no money
  10. Hi can any one in the north Yorkshire north Humberside area offer me any Rat Rabbit or Pigeon shooting please I know this has been asked by hundreds of people before and the same reply's are often met go out and know on doors I have tried this many times but no luck, I am a welder and also ex corgi registered gas engineer so I understand how important been safe is and regards to peoples property I have been shooting for 30 odd years now and use the trusted air rifle hoping to get shot gun eventually but for now air rifle anything offered would be fantastic and I could meet for a formal chat or if you like interview so to speak I am a 49 years old any way thanks for looking
  11. Hi has any one got for sale please a Brockok Contour in the north Humberside area thanks
  12. hi is any one selling a gun safe cabinet in the north Humberside area please thanks openseason
  13. Hi folks I was just wondering remember the old BSA Airsporter was the standard Airsporter just as powerful as the Airsporter s model or is there no should I say was there no difference at all any one know
  14. Hi does any one in the north Humberside area have a gun cabinet for sale please for 3 guns but would have one for 5 guns thank you
  15. sorry forgot to mention my lad only has air rifle nothing fancy like shot gun or rimmy thanks
  16. Hi guys and girls can someone help me please my lad is starting to get into shooting he has been out with me rabbiting and now wants to try a bit of ratting only for one day to see if he likes it. the thing is where we go there is no bloody rats we was promised a few nights ratting but he never got back to us and my lad was looking forward to it something not too scary for him where he might get a few shots at a few rats would be good enough, to give him a taste I think the excitement of actually seeing them might also be good for him too if any one can help that would be great he doesn't mind sitting over chicken runs etc sheds, grain stores pigs or muck heaps as long as he gets a taste of it. He would not be on his own I would accompany him and he is gun safe and a decent shot too. in the Humberside area would be nice but could travel if not to far thank you every one
  17. For Sale Gamo Rocket in .22 has the nitrogen piston and camo stock only used for about 100 shots if that at the range sorry every one I am s----t with posting pics but welcome to view I would prefare f to f for the sale. great starter gun £90
  18. if you was closer to home bud I would have offered you cash for it
  19. cheers every one thanks for the views much appreciated
  20. I have the chance to get a BSA ultra single shot for 200 quid plus my gamo rocket in part ex is this a good deal as the BSA Ultra is an old one made in Birmingham any one any views about them pls
  21. id give you 100 pound for it as my young lad is wanting a better gun at the min he shoots his meteor so this would be great move over for him thanks regards openseason
  22. lol just been this afternoon for a walk around my new shootin perm and to my supprise its thirteen bloody acres with rabbits around the edges gave it the once over to sus out the nibbled grass spoke to me mate he said best time is aroud 8 to 8.30 you can see the buggers runing around said just come any time they do a lot of damage i was really pleaase so gunna gived a few hours over the week end looking forward to it
  23. Come on guys and girls please I have for sale a new GAMO ROCKET ------- NITRO PISTON --- in .22 --- CAMO STOCK VERSION for sale complete with scope (Gamo 4x32) I have used it once at my local club only about 100 shots fired through it im asking £100 for it and about £10 to 15 for postage The rifle is a cracking little bit of kit for a starter rifle or a rifle you dont mind getting knocked about a bit in the field it does look nice even as a second rifle face to face or posted
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