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  1. Hi All, We have a couple of small duck days to sell around end November / early December Bags can be tailored to suit - 50 / 100 bird days @ £15 Bird over 4/5 drives Single guns or teams of guns welcome This is a high duck shoot kill ratio 5:1 Drives are a mixture of woodland, river valleys and open hill ground Drop us an email if you have any queries - info@dunteigeshoot.com - www.dunteigeshoot.com Thanks
  2. We have two pegs available on our shoot syndicate for the 2015/16 season Please contact us via our shoot website below for further information www.dunteigeshoot.com
  3. Over the next few seasons we will be developing a syndicate on our driven shoot, anyone interested in this please drop me an email at dunteigeduckshoot@btinternet.com Thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm keen to find out what others are rearing their ducks on this year, as feed prices will be ridiculous. I'm thinking of feeding them pulped spuds mixed with some feeding when they get up a bit.
  5. Hi, We are now taking bookings for this coming shooting season, please drop us an email or give us a call if you are interested in shooting quality high mallard at a very keen rate, or alternatively visit us on facebook Email - dunteigeduckshoot@btinternet.com Facebook - www.(!64.56:886/dunteige.duckshoot Phone - Kevin 07919493840 Regards Kevin
  6. Hi, We have availability on Sat 15th Dec for four guns on a 50-60 bird driven mallard shoot. Cost would be £150.00 per gun, inc food and drinks after shoot Guns wishing to work there own dogs are welcome to do so Please drop us an email if you have any queries or visit our face book page below; www.(!64.56:886/kevin.cottrell.566
  7. Please contact us on the email below if you are interested in a driven duck shoot early November 2012 in the Glens of Antrim N.Ireland One final shoot still to be filled this season for four Guns dunteigeduckshoot@btinternet.com
  8. What age have you birds started to fly this year? Mine are near 13 weeks and i am struggling to get them off the ground, last year i had them flying from 11 weeks using all the same methods. Its quite frustrating.... I have them walking out 300 yards from the pond but they are still just walking back.
  9. Quality Driven Mallard for Parties of 2/4 guns Bags can be tailored to suit Now taking bookings for Sept/Oct 2012 Please email for further details dunteigeduckshoot@btinternet.com
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