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  1. Pulsar Quantum thermal monocular XQ19 model (not the watered down 'light' model) this one has a lot more functions including a stadiametric range finder,1.6 to 6.4 times mag,remote control,the same screen resolution as the 38 and 50 models,same frame rate and the same 50Hz microbolometer, apart from the objective lens size and FOV,there isnt much difference between the 3 models. I have used it very successfully since i bought it new in February and as it came with a 3year warranty would still have over 2 years left to run. It will come in original box with the warranty,receipt +all of the leads for recording/charging/car charger etc and a separate charger with 2X sets of batteries and battery pods. I live in Torbay if anyone would like to try it out . £1300.Torbay,Devon
  2. actionman333

    Nitesite Wolf

    nitesite wolf,comes with everything you usually get from new PLUS an extra 12v battery that lasts all night,also a 16mm lens is currently fitted for the full screen reticle view (instead of the circle you get with the standard 12mm lens,the original 12mm lens is included if you want to swap it back,takes 30secs) up to 300yds with inbuilt ir or 600yds with extra illuminator.It has been used with air rifle,rim fires and my center fire,from rats to foxes,absolutely no problems with the wolf but the case has a slight ding in it (not very big and the kit wasnt in it when it happened,still works perfectly) £425 posted next day,or £400 picked up from Torbay,Devon.pics can be sent to your email.Thanks
  3. actionman333

    Snipercam Nv Unit

    An excellent night vision unit that records and can be used off the gun as a spotter,newer shorter chassis with scope mounting screws,comes with extra batteries,2x DVR's,brand new powerbank,all filters/leads etc etc £500 + 7.25 postage.Thanks
  4. actionman333

    Snipercam Nv Add On

    how old is it,is it the early one with the longer slip on chassis only...or is it the later one with the mounting grub screws on the chassis for scope mounting? thanks
  5. I now have the 'MK3' version of the lrf,it allows for the mount to be moved to the left and right of the range finder whilst remaining upright,£140 delivered next day and this version is ONLY available from me.thanks
  6. FATHERS DAY SPECIAL,TODAY ONLY....£10 OFF!! and they were already the cheapest in the UK.
  7. I have a few of these available.Scope mountable Day/night vision rangefinder (use with your device),it uses a pulsed infrared beam (that you can see with your device) and gives an accurate read-out on an LED screen (in yards or metres) for distances from 6m-700m.They are rail mountable (fits picatinni rails) so fit all Photon/Archer/Arrow/Drone/Snipercam etc etc,if you use a homebuilt unit i can supply a mini scope mounted picatinni rail with it ( fits 25 and 30mm scope tubes).It has a mode button to switch from yds to mtrs and a stock mounted tail switch to turn on/off and ping the distance (so once set to yards you dont have to let go of the gun ) if you turn it on and activate it it will give distances of anything you can bounce the beam off of continueously until you switch it off (handy for multiple targets) for single targets press once to turn on the unit,press again to get the distance,then press and hold and it turns off,it really is that simple to use (i'm old and i use it easily). It is waterproof and shockproof (tested with .22lr,.17hmr,.222 and.223 cal) Brilliant for air rifles and .22 rim fires,no more guesswork at night. If you need it through the day it has iron sights for target aquisition. £135 posted via special delivery,next day.Thanks
  8. actionman333

    Sabre Light-Hunter Scope Mounted Torch/lamp Kit

    £100 including postage,this weekend only!!
  9. Cheapest in the UK apparently!
  10. These mounts fit torches/lasers with a 25 or 30mm body,adjustable for windage and elevation and fit onto a picatinni rail (drone/photon/x-sight/snipercam etc) the same as the ones you get with nightmaster torches. £27 each + £4 p+p can combine postage if you want 2. Thanks
  11. actionman333

    Sabre Light-Hunter Scope Mounted Torch/lamp Kit

    the sound is low on these video's so you'll have to turn them up, daylight to show the size of the field Then after dark with the IR pill and the 50mm head fitted And finally swapping to the 67mm head https://youtu.be/vw9KpLhynu0 pole=110yds corner of building=160yds 1st water trough=239yds 2nd trough and gate=316yds far hedge=394yds far tree's= over 400 yds.
  12. These kits comprise of both 50mm and 67mm heads,twin torch body (so you can use either 1 or 2 batteries),this model is the new 2016 updated range from the makers of the T-20/38/50/67 etc,and is greatly improved. 1x WHITE single mode (on/off) led pill 1x RED 3 mode (15-50-100%) led pill 1x GREEN 3 mode (15-50-100%) led pill 1x infrared 3 mode oslon 'AS' (15-50-100%) led pill the different modes are selected by simply tapping the on/off button,the pills have memory,so when you switch on they remember the last mode you were on. 1x tail switch that can be stock mounted using a small piece of velcro 2x 18650 batteries and a UK charger 1x quick release scope mount The heads,torch body's and different colour pills can be swapped easily in the field WITHOUT TOOLS,so if you wanted to swap from a single battery red torch to a double battery IR torch it takes less than a minute. I have tested the infrared pills with the 2 different heads using a snipercam (700tvl camera) and could see from 10 yards up to just over 400 yards,ideal for ratting distances right up to foxing range.The kit comes in a handy little case for storage. £100 per kit, P n P £8.55 UK mainland. thanks
  13. actionman333

    What Camera

    The kpc-e700pub camera ir filter removed and 16mm lens from sure24 is totally different to the normal 'e700' types that are advertised all over tinterweb,it has a much higher spec... if you dont buy it from their website or their evilbay advert,then it wont be the same.Having said that,a normal 'e700' camera with sony chip is still a good camera.
  14. actionman333

    Recordable Night Vision

    if its a recordable monocular your after,there are a few on evil bay,have a look at the spec of the Bestguarder 6x50mm,records and takes pics,between £130-£160 i think.