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  1. I wouldn't say 100% but...I'm 99% sure you won't be granted a licence (below) for what you have in mind. You'll fall foul on several areas of the application form, perhaps most notably the intended purpose. Studying the behaviour will be tough to sell, as you'll have to provide them with a shed load of data that can be analysed for them to see your project as having scientific merit. You could try under 'other' reasons, but these are 'exceptional' and almost never granted. I doubt the desire to train one would cover it. The licence isn't for the life of the animal, or a permanent fixture, I'm
  2. Yeah, as said, it's not yours to take! what you could do is take it to the farmer and give it to him, then use it as an excuse to enquire about some permission?? farmers like responsible honest people shooting on their land, so it's worth a shot! I've known odder ways to gain permission...
  3. Location is Reading - give or take! you interested mate? drop me a pm
  4. I have one mate, in .22 Hawke Sport HD AO IR on it, with HW silencer and a few other bits on here mate, £450; Drop me a pm mate ATB CHris
  5. Cool, just drop me a pm when you're ready mate ATB Chris
  6. BSA Ultra SE in .22 + extras Serial number: USE221015-13 The gun's mechanics are in perfect working order - set at 11.4 ft/lb in sweet spot and the metal work is perfect. The stock has only a couple of very minor marks. Comes with: Hawke HD 3-9x50 AO IR. Brand new, has only been used to zero the gun. Comes with Hawke High mounts - equally new - lens covers and has its box HW Silencer Sling BSA padded slip pellets - Half tin of AA diabolo fields (shoots these brilliantly) half a tin of no hoper Pointed Spitfires 2 BSA Padlocks (with keys!) 1 magazine 1 fill probe Selling due to not loving t
  7. In good condition, lithium battery, dimmer switch, comes with red and orange filter, car socket lead and normal charger, 1" and 30mm scope mounts. £85 posted.
  8. Optisan MTC Viper 10x44 IR. in perfect condition and comes with mounts, lense caps, sunshade, soft case and sidewheel. SCB reticle. £110 posted (will swap for Hawke panorama ev 3-9x50 AO IR + cash, but ONLY this scope!)
  9. As above. little sak moderator. This has had the internals modified to make it much quieter. In great condition and is suitable for rimmfire too (as long as the modifications are removed) £30.00 posted SOLD
  10. That is an absolute bargain. Personally, I'd beg, steal/ borrow the extra £100 for the full kit. If not £400 for an r10 would do nicely Cracking guns
  11. Zeiss Victory T*FL 8x32 Simon King Limited edition These are in absolute spotless condition - both inside and out including the case. All the lens caps are there, with manuals and the cleaning cloths - all with the original packets. Also have the certificate of authenticity. This is one of a limited run of 250, designed in consultation with and signed by wildlife film-maker Simon King. They are equipped with a special glass containing fluoride. This means colour fringes are eliminated to such an extent that they are practically imperceptible to the observer in all light conditions. These comp
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