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  1. whitehackle


    Is Bravecto available anywhere without a prescription? Or advocate? Why do wormers require prescriptions!? Thanks
  2. whitehackle

    Scope Wanted

    Meopta Meopro 4-12x50 BDC reticle Only been mounted for three months from new. As new condition with box. £350 posted
  3. Im looking for a mk3 terrier collar if anyone has one for sale? Or would buy the box as well for the right price Thanks
  4. Anyone found charlie to ground yet? We had the first proper frost here yesterday morning, im thinking of checking earths in the next few days
  5. whitehackle

    Irish Gamefowl

    That plain duckwing looks a nice bird
  6. whitehackle


    The Romans used deer hounds in war, once the discovered them in the uk
  7. whitehackle

    10 Week Old Lurcher Pups £120

    Nice pups,I like the look of the parents
  8. Think my terrier might have mange, been to the vets twice, first time they said it was a skin infection, second they said she was allergic to pollen. A few weeks ago we dug some fox's that had really bad skin. I didnt mention this to the vet as I dont think they would like it. She has definitely got something wrong with her skin, I would like to try advocate but I carnt seem to get it without a prescription? Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. whitehackle

    A Good Jacket

    Which jacket is it? Do you find it breathable enough? Not sweaty
  10. whitehackle

    Border Terrier And Patterdale

    Where are you based? Iv a friend who's looking for a patterdale
  11. whitehackle

    Books For Sale Or Swap

    breaking through ( johnny bluck ). How much?
  12. whitehackle

    Books For Sale

    little dogs with big hearts and breaking through . How much?
  13. whitehackle

    Dog Being Sick, Advice

    Never said I was going to line the bitch. I wouldnt think about lining a bitch this young. She is eating and drinking as normal now. So hopfuly ok.
  14. whitehackle

    Dog Being Sick, Advice

    Straight away?
  15. Got a 7 month old terrier that has been sick twice today, she is fed raw, been on chicken for the last few days. What is the best thing to do? She is also on heat.