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  1. We are offering Walked up Days in October for just £99 per gun including pub lunch. More info at http://www.bodfuanshoot.co.uk Swap Stalking ;-) also
  2. Hi We offer walked up woodcock over (pointers or spaniels) and driven woodcock more info here - http://www.bodfuanshoot.co.uk Jono
  3. 6.5 shooter, you are lucky to have a fox condition on your fac for .22lr I personally find all the calibers are good with no wind and out to 200 yds, but from experience having taken a vixen a 250 yards in force 8 gale with .243 shooting a 55grain factory winchester round. I think the the 22 250 & 243 are great if there is any wind!
  4. Hello From North Wales, just wanted to say hello as new to the forum, so please be gentle with me. Jono Garton Bodfuan Shoot
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