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  1. target20111

    actelic dust

    Hi was wondering if any one can help me i am after some actelic dust as its for a freind ov mine as he is in to pest control its for wasps and other insects i would be most greatfull if any one can point me in the write direction as to getting some as he carnt find it any were thanks for looking and hope some one can help[ target] pm me if any one knows thanks
  2. target20111

    anyone in sheffield

    Hi DEE just keep up the reading and watch as many dvd as you can mate and ask as many quistions as you can and am sure if you keep pluging mate am sure there would be a nice chap that will let you tag along.I started off the same way and i baught a harris hawk for my first bird as i was told there great for ya first bird. The good man i bought him off became my mentor i now have a sparrow hawk and i have never looked back so keep learning amuch as you can mate and good luck.
  3. target20111

    few pics of my female reds old and new

    top pics BIG mate keep them coming
  4. PICS and location may help ryder
  5. target20111

    wood pigeons

    Hi SMECKY he is in newcastle mate
  6. target20111

    falconry items for sale

    have you got any pics the high perch mate
  7. target20111

    wood pigeons

    Thanks shotgun i have all ready spoke to him he is to far away mate but thanks for the heads up mate
  8. target20111

    wood pigeons

    Hi chaps was wanting if you could help my freind he has got last yrs male harris hawk and he has just put down for its first molt he is wanting to no if any one who has any spare wood pigeon for sale for its molt. He would be most greatfull he is from the tyne and wear and he is willing to travel with in reason so if you can help could you pm me and i will pass your details on to him thanks for looking and hope you can help.
  9. target20111


    Hi every body i to no nomoon from the iff and i totally agree with jjm i 2 would like to say untill you no any ov the other members keep your crood comments to your self as there is a good bunch ov people on here and could do with out people like you as you have upset alot ov my freinds
  10. target20111

    power tools

    any pics mate would help
  11. target20111

    gamo shadow 1000 .22 with scope for sale

    would help mate if you put what you are wanting for it mate price
  12. target20111

    BSA R10 Magazine

    there only 30 pound new good luck
  13. target20111


    thanks kev mate see them
  14. target20111


    do you have any pics kev mate cheers
  15. target20111

    fox trap

    do you have any pics mate as need some tips on how to build one. would be most greatfull if u could just need to see thank again