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  1. hi sorry havent been on for some time not been too well. i will sort out pics asap and i think it 14 1/2" and 28" all in all th gun is in good condition for its age. will worth a look.. thanks james.
  2. Hi i have 2 12 bore shot guns for sale. The first is a very nice spanish side by side this gun is in very very good condition for the age. I think the first to see this one will buy. Only looking for £150 picked up. The next gun is left handed hatsan escort 12 bore semi auto in black this comes with he box and everything that come in the box. This has seen less then 100 cartriges so is mint condition looking for the bargain price of just £300. You will need to bing your shot gun certificate. Thanks
  3. ok guys thanks i went clay pigeon shooting last saturday and met a really nice bunch so fingers crossed something will come of that. also had a wicked day at the same time shot down 26 clays out of 60 witch they was saying is good for a first timer dont know if they was just trying to make me feel good lol but wicked fun. cant wait to go again lol.
  4. Are you going to p&p this item? if the buyer is happy to pay the p&p then im more then happy to send it.. thanks james.
  5. the one and only price drop will take £100. thanks james.
  6. hi i have for sale a mosto country hunting jacket. its about 8 to 9 months old and still in good condition. here is a link but i will add pics asap. http://www.johnnorris.co.uk/shop/br_musto/ty_261-jackets/370-musto-highlands-jacket.html looking for £125 ovon thanks james.
  7. thanks jjm. im willing to just tag along to start with i really dont mind just would like to pick up some tips. thanks james.
  8. hi i have a mint gamo shadow 1000 .22 for sale its done less then 200 pelets it will come with a hawke reflex 3-10x44 scope. this is a very light rifle with good power. here is a link with all the info you will need on this rifle.. http://www.gamousa.com/product.aspx?productID=145 wanting £125 or willing to partex for a hunting lamp that fits to a scope. thanks james
  9. hi i have a divers tank for sale its a 7ltr tank and in very good condition comes with a push on type fitting for the rifle and is only around 2 years old. also if your close by if you want i can get it filled up as i have friends that dive. looking for £150ono picked up only please. here ate the pics... open to any sort of swap on this as well looking for a good lamp set or a nice pistol not co2. thanks james.
  10. hi yes i have my own insurance just need somewhere to shoot rabbit. thanks
  11. hi just wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to take me with them hunting would like to try rabbits this would be my first time hunting and would rather go out with someone and see what its all about. i have my own air arms s410k rifle and i also drive. so if your in or around the mitcham/croydon area and want to show someone the ropes please let me know.. i would also be willing to buy lunch. thanks james..
  12. price drop looking for £150 picked up. would also swap anything to do with hunting. thanks james.
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