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  1. They can be hard work at times got to be spot on with their weights but [bANNED TEXT] it all comes together there unstoppable, I wouldn't swap mine for anything.
  2. just got in had a few hours local wi my female and my cousins male i got 2 his was unlucky not to get 1 really tried hard just couldnt keep hold of them.
  3. few more pics got the hare lastight on the lamp she got quite a good kicking off it but managed to keep hold, the rabbit i got the other day ive been getting great chases on squirrels in the woods and through the tree tops she hasnt half switched onto them now and it is great to watch, last week she went out of the wood flew in over the top of the trees and smashed through the tree tops at the squirrels was brilliant she very fit now and is a dream to fly.
  4. Been back out today my female got 2 rabbits and my cousins male got 1 and the ferrets got 3 was a good little day the male is only this years but he turning into a good little bird
  5. new bird flies best at 2lb 14 half of a day will fly anythin at 3lb on the lamp but at 3lb of a day she a f****n pain in the arse pics r abit shit cos there off my fone, gona get 1 of the lads to start recording r little trips out try make a little video
  6. she my old 1 sadly gone now good bird flew at 2 lb11 the last few was a hare that was squatting in the rape looked like a rabbit as we all know ur not ment to lamp hare
  7. big balls


    Next time am out I'll try get a vid of my red on Them she good on them
  8. big balls


    Apart from goldys female reds for me on hares all day long get them nice and fit and they will take anythin on, for me male Harris and hares is just a no no or u got lucky, my female red flys at 3lb and I've seen her struggle with them so 1lb 8 male Harris has got no chance so I think some 1 been telling porkies. I've seen female Harris refuse to fly them.
  9. It was shoneys fault for runnin in like a loon she had pinned it was goin no were soon as wind dies down am back out myself I've had 9 rabbits an. Hare since we last went out
  10. I lamp my female red she a demon on the lamp good on the big fast bunnys aswell, Mick it's zeiszy didn't know u was on here got another fast 1 the other nite an she hit on that was squatting a good 200 yards away shoney ran over a Like a loon tried to dive on It it started kickin like mad and she let it go I was gutted. U been getting out wi set an dean
  11. Keep all that shit for the iff and all the toffs on there who r that stuck up their own arse it's quite funny half of them don't even fly birds pathetic keyboard warrior dickheads
  12. Leave him alone he's f****n flyin avin the time of his life
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