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  1. What diets do people keep there working Lurcher on ? Biscuits or raw food
  2. Just wondering what people use for bedding for the dogs and if anyone has heaters in or heat lamps on ?
  3. Just wondering what other people use as bedding for working dogs ?
  4. Wer a bouts in County Durham you live ?
  5. [BANNED TEXT] mate. Do you still have the bitch left ?
  6. I have to working cocker spaniels and I am just curious what other people feed there's ?
  7. [bANNED TEXT] colours ar the bitches ? wer bwts ar u from ?
  8. as soon as thy can fend for thm selfs i let thm go always have done had no problems
  9. haha was ment to say around the 20th July
  10. Ferret kits for sale ,Born 8th June ready to go around the 20th June Albino jill X Black Eyed White hob. 07543691531
  11. i already have 1 of thm well me girlfriend does. a jst fancy summit different [bANNED TEXT] no1 else has. a was lookin at a bedlington terrier nd a plummer to a was jst wntin sum ideas mate
  12. [bANNED TEXT] am jst enquiring abwt the best terrier for bushing av been lookin into the bedlington terrier and i was jst wonderin if this breed of dog wud b gd for flushing woods nd bushes
  13. av been looking for a new bushing dog and the bedlington has caught my eye a was just wondering if any no's if thy make good bushing dogs ?
  14. [bANNED TEXT] there do u have any pictures
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