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  1. looking for a good walk out with the dogs .....just move to oxfordshire haven't got a clue where to go any help much aprieciated all the best Ched
  2. took me years to get my dogs up to that standard
  3. probably to keen, few more nights out get his timing , fitness right and he,ll soon settle into the game
  4. hope to give the pups a few runs on the lamp in the new year if their up to it and terrier coming along a treat ( bushing- ferretting)
  5. great to train up seam to have bags of energy shes got a bit of dhd in her to , ive seen some exellent and some not so good colie crosses ,personaly i stay away from a first x colie cross , some can turn out a bit cloddy if you know what i mean ,this type make great ferretting dogs, whent out with a guy ferretting and where ever the ferrett had killed the dog would mark the spot , dig down where the dog stood ferret and rabbit every time . my choice of dog would be worker x worker with plenty of col ie in it
  6. just starting to get her fitness and timeing back a few more nights out and she should be right
  7. jasper + misty at 11 weeks old , feels like a year since the pups were born ( hard work ) having loads fun with the pups now ive only the two to look after , very pleased with the way they handle different situations and the way they look and it was great to see pics + write ups of littermates on here, all doing + looking great . atb thepoacher
  8. nice dog huwe and did you meen months not weeks lol atb bud :thumbs:see you soon
  9. dame is 25 tts and the sire is 26 tts but over the years used a whippet and fist cross dhd - ghd he was 30 tts so not sure what hieght the pups will make if had to guess id say 25 tts atb ched
  10. definetly keeping the bitch ray and to be honest in no rush to move the dog on going to retire the mother of the pups to a bit of mooching about because of injuries she has and shell have two pups intoe teaching them the trade, so ill just have jess this winter and see what shape this pups in after xmas, maybe a few slips on lamp atb ched
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