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  1. jacksbignose

    Old pup... meet new pup.

    I hope your wife doesn't read that!
  2. jacksbignose

    Old pup... meet new pup.

    The wife has a load but not so many digital (the old bitch predates digital ).
  3. jacksbignose

    Old pup... meet new pup.

    Line-bred with a 'pinch' of Deerhound!
  4. jacksbignose

    Old pup... meet new pup.

    Cheers; pics to follow progress but I'll try and avoid 1000's of soppy pup pics. It's only when you look at a photograph of her that you realise how easily the old 'pup' has managed to avoid ANY form of grooming!
  5. jacksbignose

    Old pup... meet new pup.

    Well I've eventually found a replacement pup for my 'old' pup (13 years old so technically not a pup but she's always been referred to as 'the pup' seeing as how she came in after the old dog). I wouldn't say I was getting desperate but after looking at a variety of animals that were patently misdescribed by the breeders, I was at the point of travelling down to Hancocks next weekend. However, my search bore fruit and I've picked up a blue Merle Collie/Greyhound x Collie/Greyhound/Deerhound/Greyhound (both dam & Sire proven working stock). It's a canny sleeper at the minute but I'm sure the fun and games will start when it settles in. The old bitch has done her best to just avoid it but not in a negative way as they were bedded up next to each other last night.
  6. jacksbignose

    sad news

    Only met him once, condolensces to his family; RIP Paul
  7. jacksbignose

    Best dried food for pup

    gain 28. GAIN do a Puppy and Sapling which is formulated for such, that would be the better choice over the 28. My next pup (old 'pup' is nearly 13) will go on Beta Puppy (when I find the right one).
  8. jacksbignose

    how much

    I've seen dogs that are well (over) muscled from loads of roadwork even during the season and as a result they can barely turn/strike... just my humble opinion but a working dog will be fit enough from the work it's doing and the off-season should be time for your dog to rest (with a bit of light work getting it ready just before 'your' season starts)!
  9. jacksbignose

    keeping the slugs down

    Buy a duck, they love eating slugs (added bonus, some ducks lay as many eggs as chickens)... break your dog to stock first!
  10. jacksbignose

    blue brindle lurcher pup for sale

    Another pup miles away from me... where's the local dogs when you need one!
  11. jacksbignose


    Looking for exactly this stamp of bitch pup but Northumberland to Wales and back is a killer run! You'll not need it but good luck.
  12. jacksbignose

    readvertised pups

    What age are they now and any bitches?
  13. jacksbignose

    Hancock dogs?

    Oddly enough I'm going to buy a Hancock pup in the next week because I'm sick and tired of spending 4mths looking at sh1t pups out of dogs that the owners profess to be world-beaters that they can recount numbers of killers over the last seasons etc like it was last night... yet they can't remember from one conversation to the next what 'kin breeding their dogs are (Saluki/GH x Collie/GH one night then Bull/GH x Beddie/Whippet the next)!
  14. jacksbignose

    Roxy...a pup

    That looks like one well cared for, happy, contented pup!
  15. jacksbignose

    whippet pups for sale updated

    Where are you/the pups based?