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  1. rooster george

    Benelli Supernova Camo 12G

    Not sure why
  2. rooster george

    Benelli Supernova Camo 12G

    Did you sell this mate ?
  3. rooster george

    Winchester Sx3 Semi Auto

    I have its the site when I click pic it does one ie wont post
  4. I am selling my MK3 Deban ferret finder and two collars 12 months old and I will include 22 nets 11 hemp brand new and 11 nylon all in good order for some reason I cant post pics Contact me on 07772124695 if you want pics the lot for £175 ono
  5. I am selling my HW95 22 with scope lovely rifle odd small mark fitted with silencer and comes with pellets etc I cant post pics so text me if you want to see them 07772124695/ £150.00 ono I am in Manchester.
  6. rooster george

    Winchester Sx3 Semi Auto

    For some reason it wont let me post pictures ??? I am selling my SX3 3 shot in gun metal grey 3 years old from new still got the box lovely semi auto never had any problems. I am in Manchester my number is 07772124695 send me text if you want to see pics of the gun. £425 OVNO
  7. Looking for someone local to Dukinfield to pop round with a good ratting dog, just to check out some holes even better if you have a smoker due to them being under the shed. I did catch some in the trap but they seem to get wise after a week or two pm me your details and i will pass on my number. Thanks Andy
  8. rooster george

    Out on Sunday

    The farm we go on loads of young are out already
  9. rooster george

    First Duck

    lol sure did and they both had a bath
  10. rooster george

    First Duck

    Went out today and the young Yellow lab had is first duck more of a mud bath first to get in the water but he did a good job.
  11. rooster george

    Evening Flights N.Wales

    Same for me please can you forward me more info Cheers Andy
  12. rooster george

    Chocolate Labs

    She might not be the best in the world but she does what i want
  13. rooster george

    Best cheapest semi auto

    SX3 Composite 3.5'' for got one 2nd hand for £500 and i love it
  14. rooster george

    young lad wanting to learn

    whats your location and age
  15. rooster george


    you sorted me two jills out yet [bANNED TEXT]