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  1. Thanks for the advice lads thinking of giving putanage traps a go first and see how o get on.
  2. Looking for some advice on which is the best mole trap to use and has anyone you the pro scissors mole trap as sold by the trap man.
  3. Had a pup from heartbreak out of a dog called zack she didn't turn out any good got rid of her as a pet.
  4. HI ruggers try some OTODEX ear drops i get mine from my local farm and pet place but i think you can get it off amazon.
  5. brian brinded nets sell them.
  6. it should clear her out once but if not give her more in 48 hours.
  7. i give mine 2ml it won't do her any harm if it's a bit over.
  8. give her some milk and magnesium with a syringe it works well.
  9. got a litter of nine hobs and one jill five weeks old if anyone interested will be ready in two weeks.
  10. anyone know if aberconwy show is on this year.
  11. Had a price today for implant for hobs £60 and it would last up to four years but they only guarantee it for 16 months, needs to be done five weeks before they come into season as it takes this time to work.
  12. went to check my jills this morning and one had given birth to ten kits two days early, all seem fine tonight.
  13. anybody's jills come into season yet, just noticed four of my jills. in season about six weeks early than last year
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