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  1. Cheers Les for a cracking morning with you and your mate, its nice to get an invite and it be a genuine one plenty of promisers and nothing comes of it , it was my first time on the geese and to get a left and right with my first two cartridges was a memory to remember cheers again lads Ratcherman .
  2. Cracking morning out a good result and a great post keep it up mate
  3. I am currently looking into learning taxidermy and wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of how to get started.I have had a look on the internet for college courses etc in newcastle area but cant find anything and was just wondering if there was anyone in my area that has done any courses or training or if there would be any members willing to teach me the basics any help would be much appreciated and i am willing to travel and cover any costs to the other person ie materials etc
  4. A good couple of hours there mate nice to get out with the shotgun
  5. It was nice change to be out after all the bad weather we have had lately and even better when everything goes to plan
  6. Cracking doe mate well done on your first one in the bag of the new year
  7. It was nice to be out even though the weather wasnt good and it was a good result spoke to the farmers wife and she was over the moon as she has has lost a good few ducks and hens through the day lately.
  8. Thanks again Ratch No probs mate it was a cracking experience being that close and everything going to plan i could here your heart nearly jumping out your chest with excitement lol
  9. Cracking head there mate it looks like a good medal head
  10. I had a look out last night to get a problem fox i got to the ground at 5 and had shot the fox by 6 so i decided to have a call i spied a mature buck in the field at about 150 yds.The buck was head down feeding but unfortunatly it was an unsafe shot so i had a peep with the butolo for a couple of minutes but he didnt even look my way at all he wasnt interested in the least and i watched him walk of in to the wood
  11. Yes mate it was a good night and a good bit of fox control we will have to have a trip back and mop the adults up
  12. It was still good to be out again with the lamp mate i hope we get into the cubs shortly
  13. Nice buck there mate and another one for the tally well done
  14. Well done mate and like you said a nice cull buck
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