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  1. Penny took some great photos of this years show please take a look here; http://pennyfillingham.zenfolio.com/p1035801215 Thanks.
  2. Thanks clipo that's all I needed. An honest reply. Yeah she was a bit of a twat with sheep but she was a working progress. He was fully aware of what she was like. Kay - don't make assumptions on my skills or ability to look after dogs. I said the reason she went was due to my personal life, obviously you've never been through anything tough which affects the way you handle things??? I made the right choice at that time. Don't do the whole a dog is for life not just for Christmas bollocks with me. Were talking about one dog at one particularly rough point in my life. Cheers for your
  3. Yes I am a girl!!!! I did want the dog I was just in a very bad place at the time and struggling to give the dog what she needed. I think my action, giving the dog to her breeder was the best thing I could have done. Bogger did say keep in touch and asked if I wanted to go out on his permission with my other half when we could. It's not like we haven't spoken since the dog went. I haven't painted him in a bad light either all I said is I haven't heard from him and it's unusual. Just don't know why. You lot are quick to pass judgement and probably upset a great deal of people along
  4. This is exactly why I stopped coming back on this forum, it's a genuine request to see how the dogs doing. She was stock broken to some extent and had been worked. She was well past the puppy stage as well!!!!!!!!!! As usual you keyboard f***ing warriors loose track of what was originally said I merely wanted to know if anyone knew Bogger so I could ask how the dog was doing. See how she was working and just ask if she was ok. What's wrong with that????? Bogger came to my house to pick her up and has kept in touch about her until recently so I was only asking if anyone knew anything.
  5. Yes she wasn't stock broken when she went back. No need to be funny lads just want to know how she's getting on. Not saying he would want to sell her back to me. Genuine request really don't think there's any need for the stupid comments. Just would be nice to see how she was. I was nice enough to offer her back to him as a first refusal just be nice if he kept to his side of the deal.
  6. Just want to know either way. If he still has her I want her back and am willing to pay for her so it's within his interests!!!!
  7. He won't be as he can't even text me back. Just want to know where she is. Even if she's dead. Easier to tell truth than it is to ignore folk.
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows Bogger (previously banned off here)? I bought the dog as a pup from him, I started to work more and ended up doing less with her so offered her back to him on the proviso that if he ever wanted to sell her he would offer her back to me. We kept in touch to start off with and as I asked for pictures off her and he refused I became worried but just passed it off as most men cant be arsed with pics! I haven't heard anything from him for ages despite messages and deep down I know he will hAve moved her on. You might say fool me for giving her away but I gave
  9. Trying to contact him about a dog I gave him. No luck, is he on here again or anyone know him?
  10. We can't all be perfect like you basil. Thanks for your concerns. We raised £1000 profit for the hunt yesterday and it's an all time record! This is the second time we have organised the show (me and fox buster) and hopefully won't be the last. Hope most of you enjoyed it and thanks for the support. JLR.
  11. Jesus Christ Basil put a sock in it, you're moaning for moaninga sake!! If you had any problems with anything then you should have approached me and fox buster. The shows organisers. Don't skip off home with no rosettes and a sore pride and keyboard warrior your way into an argument. The shows the best we as volunteers and working dog people can put together using very little money in order to raise money for our hunt. People smoking cannabis is hardly the shows fault so don't bring that into the equation. The burgers sold out so they can't have been that bad. Don't bother
  12. Nice one. Thanks. I was sure he hadnt got that one but the pile is that big!!
  13. Possibly. Hes got majority of the darcy books. Im just not sure about the lastest IV?! When was it released?
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