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  1. You could not be farther from the truth if you tried - please don't try BASC is not complacent; yes we try to raise funds from non-membership revenue to keep the membership fees down, for our members.
  2. I work at head office and I have heard no accusations of misuse of BASC members money. We have to stick to budgets and justify all expenditures, not sure where this has come from.
  3. I work for BASC and I don't know any member of staff who has a Landrover, let alone a fully kitted out one. I have a Skoda This is a staffing issue at BASC which is being resolved. No mention of money as far as I have heard. That's all I can say at this time.
  4. Yes it does I have re-read the policy again, I have clarified with David Ilsley, I have spoken to the insurers - Your are covered
  5. I just wish that all who shoot are a member of one of the representative shooting organisations. BASC currently has over 143,000 members, making us a strong voice in politics and the media. The more members we have the more voice shooting sports has. BASC's insurance also covers you for terrier work; it always has
  6. The Forestry Commission often have competency testing for controlling deer on their land. Its not mandatory, as you don't have to shoot on forestry land if you don't want to. If your not lucky enough to have a father or a grandfather, or a friend who can show you the ropes, then we can provide good value training for these people. I don't have a land rover, I have a Skoda and I wish I was overpaid. Like you I was taught by my father - I was lucky, I guess.
  7. £85 (members rate) for a full days coaching from qualified Coaches and experts in their field - is pretty darn good value. Obviously we don't try to run the courses at a loss where we can help it. Peter
  8. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wont be long before this is made compulsory, to get your Cert. Join SACS. I cant think of anything we deliver that has been made mandatory. The reason we run these courses are to improve standards, and we find that people leave the sport if they are not very good at it. No other reason
  9. BASC is running a series of events to help people improve their shooting. The day will cover all the theoretical aspects of poor shooting, followed by mainly hands on activities. Looking at Shooting Skill, subtending, range judging, field craft, patterning and Shotgun Coaching. The BASC Shotgun Coaches will be on hand to cover stance, gunfit, eye dominance and provide coaching to all clients. We currently have vacancies on 3 of the days 15th July in Nottinghamshire 6th September in West Kent 13th October in Gloucestershire Booking details can be found here http://basc.org.uk/sporting-services...ing-with-basc/ Many thanks, Peter
  10. Last bookings will be taken this coming Friday Peter
  11. There are still places left on this event. Great value and very informative if you need to improve your shooting or improve your shoot. Peter
  12. We are running another one of these events on the 6th and 7th May in Leicestershire Booking details can be found here http://basc.org.uk/sporting-services/basc-training-courses/shooting-for-the-future/ Many thanks, Peter
  13. As you can see the feedback has been excellent. The GWCT and BASC use their top trainers.
  14. Shooting for the Future A joint venture between the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and BASC. This 2 day course aims to improve your shooting and improve your shoot management. The next event is being held at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire on the 8th and 9th May. Further details of the course and booking instructions can be found hear http://basc.org.uk/sporting-services/basc-training-courses/shooting-for-the-future/ We have received numerous Testimonials from the previous events held at Loddington in Leicestershire “The high standard of presentations and coaching reinforced my opinion that conservationists and game shooters are very well represented by GWCT and BASC, who do so much for the environment and their membership, which is open to all.” IW, Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Environmentalist “I’m Still elated from a first class day last Friday.” IB “It was first class” – Mr Walker “The simulator was brilliant. The Coaching session was perfect! And the instructors Superb; Well Done! “– Mr Burkinshaw. “The range judging and subtending was an eye opener – How wrong can one be? Very useful course” – Mr Pawlth “Fantastically informative for someone with little experience of game shooting. Such better value than an hours private lesson at the local clay ground, plus the proceeds go to a worthy cause” – Mr Cormichael “Thank you for a very interesting day” – Mr Allen “BASC and GWCT have put together an excellent course giving me much to think about, and techniques to help improve my shooting. All staff were extremely friendly with a wealth of experience in all forms of shooting. Very much looking forward to my next course” – Mr Stott “We were both new to shooting and believe that all new certificate holders would benefit from this early insight if they intend to shoot quarry. We are certainly more respectful. Thank you for your time. Very well run and informative course and exceptional value” – Mr and Mrs Mason.
  15. BASC are proud to announce they are running a 4 day BASC Shotgun Coach workshop on 24th March 2015. This course will be held at BASC headquarters, Marford Mill, Wrexham. Once gained, this award will enable you to deliver practical shooting advice and tuition. BASC realises there is a demand for a formal training scheme from those who wish to coach at shows and events on behalf of BASC as well as others who want to obtain the award purely for their own benefit. The 4 day workshop, followed by 6 additional hours mentoring, registration for Unit 9 of the Edexcel Level 3 Award (in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Learning and Development) and the assessments conducted in a real environment is all included in the price of £1112. In order to register on this course you will need to have gained your BASC Safe Shot and BASC Shotgun Safety Officer awards and you must have some previous experience of shotgun coaching. For more information or to be registered on our waiting list for future courses please email jane.hatton@basc.org.uk or telephone the BASC Sporting Services department on 01244 573018.
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