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  1. HiLost

    ruining a dog with bunnies

    rabbits wont ruin a dog but running it at a lot of rabbits it has little chance of catching might. the ones sat next to fences woodland etc. give good slips to build up a young dogs confidence, rabbits that have a good distance to run to reach safety. hope that helps
  2. HiLost

    of dogs and deer (darcy)

    i tried to start a topic but it wouldnt let me? I have a copy of this book but its the trade edition which isnt signed or numbered. £50 posted, paypal only please pm me
  3. HiLost

    whats best dog ye seen perform.....

    oh so you realise now that were not the same person even though you didnt bother to reply to the pm i sent you, thats good. Now give us all peace and carry on your arguing without involving me, thankyou!
  4. HiLost

    whats best dog ye seen perform.....

    you have pm, it was actually black recking it who accused me of being you, I have very little to do with the forums these days and didnt appreciate having my name dragged into a childish argument which was nothing to do with me. Ive no time for all the bickering and would appreciate it if people just leave me out of it. If I had anything I wanted to say I would just post it and put my name to it, and I dont, other than to post this and clear my name of the false accusations. happy hunting when the season comes, the more you get out with the dogs the less time youse will all have to sit on the internet and get into these sort of playground fights, cheers :thumbsup
  5. HiLost

    whats best dog ye seen perform.....

    nice looking dog, I had a son out of him but sadly got poisoned and took a bad fit as a youngster
  6. HiLost

    so many

    the last 2 really bad winters we had, 1 lurcher would have been sufficient as I couldnt get out! but as soon as the weather came good again 3 was sometimes not enough and I wished I had a 4th to spread the work load. I think a lot depends on how much you get out, how hard you run your dogs, and what type they are ie fast do or die types that get a lot of injuries.
  7. HiLost

    whats best dog ye seen perform.....

    nice dog that optimus, was that the dog that went over julie? looks a grand sort :thumbsup:
  8. HiLost

    whats best dog ye seen perform.....

    same to you tomo, you got a pm, all the best
  9. HiLost

    Yorkie terrier doing fox??

    you spelt it wrong mate its ju shih tzu, its no laughing matter they can do some damage if properly trained
  10. HiLost

    good catch

    hes a lucky lad
  11. HiLost

    coursing dog zack lnnyxstella

    good luck with the sale shame you have to rehome him someone will get a decent dog
  12. HiLost

    dangers of posting pics

    I'll second that This country is well f****d up