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  1. When I get the money together mine is the AirWolf. Excellent piece of kit. If I had the money it would be in the safe already. :D
  2. My project is rebuilding my XS79 into a S10 mk1 stock. See the ugly lump?
  3. Got any larger photos? How did you reshape that ugly lump on the bottom.
  4. That looks very good , I have a Mk1 S10 stock project that needs a lot of work. Good to see the hopeful outcome.
  5. Personally, I would go second hand and get a good Springer HW ot TX and also a PCP - S400 or such. For example: HW97K @ £175 and S400 @ £325
  6. I second the S410 - very good all rounder.
  7. Looks way too cold with all that white stuff about. Good on you guys for staying the course. What springer is that, XS19?
  8. You can get a RatBag for your Ratty off Evilbay. I got a RatBag for my Ratty off another forum and a Rifle/ Tool bag for my Custom Ratty off EvilBay.
  9. Hi Manco, used to stay in P-town many moons ago. Love the Career 707, but here it would be best at FAC levels - limiting to sub 12fpe seem an injustice.
  10. Agree with Phantom, the XS19 is excellent and when tuned even better. Am waiting for a gasram for one of my XS19s (somehow ended up with three ). The S200 is an excellent pcp - got a mk2 and it will outshoot my abilities anyday. If you have the budget look at the S410 & S510, both excellent air rifles.
  11. Nice job removing the 'flying rats'. Now for the photos.
  12. GinB - Custom Wood Stocks are also very good. The link will show you the making of a GinB stock. http://ginb.piczo.com/?g=51839901&cr=5# If I recall correctly the GinB stocks start at around £150.
  13. What I should have said was it is sometimes cheaper to find someone who will custom make these items, as off the shelf they are getting to be too expensive. For Stocks have a look at: LP Gunstocks Just a few images:
  14. Nice choice and nice rifle. Had a go with one the other day and it is a good solid airgun.
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