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  1. Straight through the grill, straight through his head...................................... LOVE IT HAHA!! Quality footage and quality shooting as ever from you boys Atb peter
  2. Dazzzzzz thats boring now mate!! haha The "gaystate" has been tuned to the max and with a few new Gizmos shes running sweet still having a hard time choosing the preffered pellet like but thatll be sorted by june dont you worry, ive been busy with the Air ranger on some new permissions ive been lucky enough to aquire, all footage and photos from the last 6 months have been saved, just need to get round to posting them, you boys are in for a treat as theres quite a back log of photos etc etc. Archie behave man, youve been pineing for me!! haha Hello webby mate, hows tricks? Now then stevo, its good to be back right?? lol Hello si mate, just been checking out some of your latest youtube vids, impressive stuff as always from you, Looking forward to meeting you in person to fella, ive got you and a few others on facebook so if anything changes with the meet and i dont see it on here please can one of you let me know on there, would be appreciated WOOOOORRRR GARYYYYY! hows tricks matey?? i need you to assist me with some rat shooting on this new permission i got 3 weeks ago mate, i trust you still have you N.V?? ill text you with plans for that. Davy youve got my number pal, let me know any more details about the meet etc etc if theres change, at least i dont have a five hour drive to come and have a plink with you lads this time then eh!! haha Take care boys and ill be counting the days down till june Atb peter "Proud to own "DAYSTATE" hehehe
  3. Seems your the only one that has Davy haha as for posts from me.......................ive still been shooting as much as ever, and ive got a 6month backlog of videos and photos for you lads, when i can be arsed to put them all on i will. Any news on the meet then davy? Atb peter
  4. Wahaay now then chaps, hands up whos missed me.................................. haha hows everybody doing?? Havent been on here since the last meet in gloucester, just thought id check in on you lads, any dramas going on etc etc?? DavyT gave me a text and told me to get my arse back on here and said we have a meet this year sorted by our Mr pittaway, ill be there Atb peter
  5. I have a MTC viper 4x16x50 Irs SCB Reticle, with side wheel (£280 to buy when new) + a few quid from me to you, im only down the road aswell, Scopes in mint condition and still has the box, if the stealth is in good working order, maybe we can do something?? Atb peter
  6. Can anybody "in detail" tell me how to get my youtube videos and my photo bucket photos actually in the post and not just the links to them, havent been able to do it since they changed the site layout, cheers in advance boys Atb peter
  7. i wouldnt of missed this one for the world mate! You and chaz did an excellent job mate, a top weekend and im missing being down there already Every person i met was spot on, my "posse" loved it aswell and we were sad to leave, brian was a bit "pissed"! on both nights to say the least!! but for some one who doesnt shoot, he had a good go and joined in with the banter (appologies if he was a little too drunk) haha He asked me to "tell davy he's a legend" those are his own words lol Gary and darryl we will defo get a hunt sorted, as for everybody else ill see you next time 100% Atb peter
  8. Its been said above, but what a quality weekend lads, cheers chaz and dave, and every1 who turned up, like gary and darryl, me and smoggy had a 5 hour drive but it was well worth it, even if i did have to put up with constant ribbing from daz about my "D"aystate haha everybody got on really well and im gutted that its over, untill next time boys..................... Atb peter
  9. Excellent photos taken on an excellent weekend, cant wait for the next one!! Atb peter
  10. We would have to set off at 5 in the morning chaz lol if we were closer we would be there helping matey
  11. So im not good enough any more eh ste!! Fook you, you said you loved me!! when all along youve been galavanting around bristol in lees car!! Dirty shit!! haha cushty mate, cheers lee Things are falling into place, should be good boys!! Atb peter
  12. Your welcome to a good arse raping in our tent matey seriously tho..............................you will be raped............ Your sound to stay in our matey, no worries and if you cant get a lift ill just nip out and come and get you if its not too far, so your sorted either way matey Atb peter cheers millsy, im hoping someone is passing who can help me out, save you coming over here just to drive back again, it would be about 45- 50min round trip mate but can make it an hour and half if you want to pop in for a beacon buttie and a cuppa lol ill just see if anyone is passing first as you got a lot of driving to do anyway mate mutch appreciated mate you seem comfident YOUR the ones who are going to be doing the raping. . . . . . Ha ha haaaa .atb. .ste. Hahahaha only because you cant rape the willing see how the moods takes us eh haha enough of the gay talk now, its making me uncomfortable lol No worries matey Atb peter
  13. Ahahaha keep going davy and you'll be getting slapped legs lol Ste's been sound to me on here, weve never argued once, ive had little fall outs with most of the other members, especially when i first joined haha i dont mind helping anybody Davy, Adi mentioned a lad was wanting to come down, and was asking if i could take him down when im at A&M on friday, he's 16 (so right up your street ) haha seriously tho, he's struggling for transport and a place to sleep when he gets there, i said i wouldnt mind taking him, but as for space in my tent, with me,adam, my mate bri and ste, we'll be abit "close" for comfort, He said he had mentioned it to you and was going to see what the crack was, does that ring a bell mate??
  14. hi wurz would be nice to see you! breakfast is at 9:00am hi Gary i don't think there is any other female taking part in the comp,so maybe Shannon can show a few boys how to shoot!! hi peter comp starts at 11.00am and should be all done and dusted by 2:30pm. you want to leave already you aint even got there yet?? Davy I have work at 5.00am monday morning davy, thats all, and its a good few hours drive, aslong as im away for 17.30/18.00 itll be cushty
  15. Your welcome to a good arse raping in our tent matey seriously tho..............................you will be raped............ Your sound to stay in our matey, no worries and if you cant get a lift ill just nip out and come and get you if its not too far, so your sorted either way matey Atb peter
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