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  1. steveweekes

    Game fairs

    Hi all just wanting if anyone knows of any game fairs happening anytime soon in south Yorkshire feel like they dont even exist anymore and we dont have enough of them thanks
  2. steveweekes

    Bresser 5X50 Digital Night Vision

    would be intrested if these don't sell cheers
  3. Hi all thanks for taking the time to read it's pretty much same as always getting back into the lamping with dogs and shooting got some permission in Leeds and a little in ripon but would love to hear if people got any rabbit rats pigeon or any other problems would love to extend my permission live in South Yorkshire well please comment thanks guys and maybe girls
  4. steveweekes

    Strange Night With Dog

    Hi,,, went out to a few local fields last night at took my mates bitch, she been out quiet a lot and does very well,last night 15 easy runs and the dog didn't perform well at all. I lamps the first bunnie bang in middle of field sat tight as could be mate walked her down the beam, up it jumped dog Cracking video trev, nice dog too love seen the whippet workin like that spot on hope u have plenty more fun days out gave chase twisting an turning but looked to me as if she was just running at side of it, I though strange wat happened there told my friend to check her over, all looked fine so off we went next fuked same again kamped a bunnie just sat there slipped dog off they went, the dog then just gave up and jogged another one got away!!!! Next one she catches then I am thinkin her confidence will be up na, next one dog chases rabbit the runs around a tree and the dog just gives up again and pulls up,, she was stopping well before the hedges,giving up, wat do people think,,, my opinion is the bitch has had something it has coursed and it's turned round and bite her na she is scared to pick anything up ??
  5. steveweekes


    Thanks for the comments lads
  6. steveweekes

    A Few Bolts To The Whippet

    Cracking video trev, nice dog too love seen the whippet workin like that spot on hope u have plenty more fun days out
  7. steveweekes

    A Few Bolts To The Whippet

    Cracking video trev, nice dog too love seen the whippet workin like that spot on hope u have plenty more fun days out
  8. steveweekes


    Just a quick question my [BANNED TEXT] has a 15 week old pup and I am on about takin my bitch out tonight for a few bunnies, he wants to take the pup just to watch but in my opinion and only mine I don't think the pup will gain anything from being there as it's still only just walkin on the lead and think it will just hold us up wat do u think ??
  9. steveweekes

    Rabbit Skin

    Afternoon peeps just wanted to ask if anyone in South Yorkshire area (Rotherham) have a spare rabbit skin just so I can train my pup on, cheers
  10. Can someone tell me please when there is a show on next in yorkshire areas don't mind travelling but not to Ireland
  11. steveweekes

    Hi Everyone :)

    Welcome lv
  12. steveweekes

    Skin Condition

    Thank you for ur help people
  13. steveweekes

    What Got You Into Hunting?

    I don't believe it is born into u as some people think, I think it is the own individual my family members have never hunted at all an never will. But I started when I was about 9 with a close friend and then we suddenly could not get enough of going out at those windy rainy nights then we just grew and tried different things now we have premission all over the place we shoot ferret terrier lurchers everything u can imagine and love every minute weather day or night
  14. steveweekes

    Skin Condition

    Evening,, I have a pup 15 weeks old, when the mother gave birth the pup was dragged around the floor cause the mother struggled to part with him until the owner went bk and helped her part with him. As a result the pup has a scare on the top of his head and the fur is not growing bk. Is there any cream oil or method I can use to help his fur grow bk,, thanks
  15. steveweekes

    Skin Condition

    Hi all just wanting some advice,I have a pup at 15 weeks old when it was born his mother dragged the pup around with just his head emerging as she struggled to pass him so the owner had to help, my pup na has a scare on top of his head wat was due to her dragging him around and the fur does not seem to be growing bk, is there and cream or method I could use to try help the skin and the fur start growing bk,,,