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    Foxhunting in England, Ireland & north america

    Hi, Forgive me for the shameless bump, to advertise.... but it is, what it is! :-) I've got a few old/rare books on ebay, that I think people on here could possibly, be REALLY interested in!! hence my ploughing on through, my embarrassment at advertising this way !! Victorian & Edwardian Field Sports from Old Photographs - Old Book http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252747930205?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Wild Dogs of the World - Old Book http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252747950966?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 A Field Guide to the Birds of the British Isles - Elizabeth Balmer http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252747998746?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Hope I don't annoy anyone, with this message, and hopefully I can pass on a book, to someone who will get more from it, than I will! :-)
  2. Cheers - my book is in perfect condition, no folds or creases in the cover or pages, etc. Think I'll stick it on ebay, and put a link on here for it !!!! see what happens !!!!
  3. unclebuck

    just a quick one...

    From what my Grandad told me - his talent lay in his attitude............just wouldn't be beaten or give up. there was attempt to steel him a couple of times, but the burglers couldn't handle him, so would end up having to escape from him, rather than escape with him !!!! ha. He's some pics of my dog - he's the same line as Toddy !!!! http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff459/unclebuck2/
  4. unclebuck

    just a quick one...

    I found some of them !!!! I'll see if I can get them up later !!!! How do I upload pictures into an album or onto a thread, I always seem to have problems getting pictures onto this forum !!!! did u ever put up them photos unclebuck? Here's a link to the photo's I was on about. There's one of Bruce holding a fox(in the blue boiler suit), and a couple with a terrier and a fox !!!!! http://s1236.photobu...uce%20Woodcock/
  5. http://s1236.photobu...459/unclebuck2/ Hope this works !!!!! Just a few pics of him !!!! EDIT: It works for me - am looking forward to what everyone thinks of him !!!!! cheers, John !!!!
  6. I can NEVER get pictures on this forum to load up, if someone else know's how to do it, I'll email pictures to them, and they can stick them on this thread !!!
  7. Hi, yeah - come and have a look at him, by all means !!!! PM me, so we can sort somet out !!!!
  8. i think his grandfather was Pete Dack Yeah, Pete Dack was my Grandad !!!!
  9. unclebuck

    just a quick one...

    I found some of them !!!! I'll see if I can get them up later !!!! How do I upload pictures into an album or onto a thread, I always seem to have problems getting pictures onto this forum !!!!
  10. unclebuck

    just a quick one...

    I found some of them !!!! I'll see if I can get them up later !!!!
  11. Yes, my Grandad owned Toddy, him and Bruce used to work him together. My dog was bread down from his line, and was actually from a litter from Digger & Lucy(not sure if that means anything to you!!!) What you said there, was what I was thinking of firstly. Maybe somebody with a working bitch, might want to take a chance, because of my dogs bloodline.........I would end up with a pup related to my dog & the bitches owner has the chance of producing a good working litter !!!!! Like I said tho, I'm grateful for everyones advice, so I'll have a re-think and see what happens !!! I'll dig a couple of pics out of him, and see if I can post them on later today !!!!
  12. If he has never been worked then I suggest, without being rude, to not breed from him. All you will be doing is contributing to the vast quantity of shite and poorly bred dogs out there. Breeding him 'to keep one for myself' if you have no other motive is selfish and unneccesarry, unless you are willing to cull the rest of the pups. Breeding him to any bitch will not produce 'a clone of him' which is probably what you are looking for. If you are after another terrier then buy one in from one of the many litters already out there. I am sure there will be people out there who will help you track down pups of similar breeding, myself included, if it means you will not breed off him. If I were you I would get the idea of breeding him out of your head, he has nothing to contribute to the breed or the sport and has nothing to offer you that cannot be bought in with less expese and less hassle. Just an honest opinion trying not to be rude. I hope you take it on board. FTB Ok mate, thanks for your reply - and taking the time out to write such a long reply. Definately had a little bit of a reality check & change of heart. And I'll probably leave it, and like you say - get another pup when the time is right !!!! Slightly different area here then, why is it, that it's not a good idea to breed from a dog, if they've never worked? Obviously, I'm un-educated on this, but I would have thought that physical attributes where more important, as appossed to working skills. As wouldn't working experience be down to a dogs attitude !!!!! and it would be more likely for the physical attridutes to be passed on than attitudes?!!! PS: Both of my dogs parents where workers, both with really good reputations round my area !!!! PPS: Just want to apologise in advance, if other more experienced people on here reading my simple questions, are getting fed up !!!! ha.
  13. He's 9 now !!!! He's really well bread and been looked after though, and nobody thinks he looks older than 3 or 4 !!!!! Yeah, my mate who sorted me out with him is looking into it, and asking around his mates, to see if anyone is interested, but to be honest - he's a busy man, so I thought I'd look into it myself - so save mithering him so much !!!!! Where's the best place for me to buy a bitch? or at least to look(websites, etc) I'm thinking that will be the best route for me to take !!! PS: No worries by the way, Bruen, would prefer to be shot down with the truth, than be kidding myself !!!! haha. PPS: I've never worked him, I only like to come on these websites, as I used to go out with my Grandad when he used to work dogs, when I was younger.
  14. Hi, I've got a Patterdale Terrier, which is from Toddy & Nancy lines. I want to breed off him, just so I can keep a pup for myself. Does anyone know where the best place for me to look for a bitch, to pair him up with, is? Or even where I can find a top quality bitch to buy? Also, does his age make any difference in him being able to breed?!!! Sorry, if these are simple questions, I've been looking through google, but can't find the info that I want, so thought I'd ask you lot !!!!!