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  1. Thanks guys think its off for a test then .
  2. Ok guys ive a divers bottle that ran out of test. With out the hassle of taking it to be tested and refilled all the time. Is it possible to refill at home with a compresser?
  3. try water bottles mate at around 3/4 weeks
  4. giving them away . maybe keep one but the rest can go to good homes
  5. ok guys one of the 2 jills ive had lined this year is crazy its been 9 days since shes had her 5 young but still trys to eat me when i put the food in she charges at my hand biting untill i pull it out. will she start to carm down once the kits have gone or have i just turned her nuts for good?. ow and since im here at what age will there colours start to show? just my jill is albion and the hob was a pole?
  6. burn it . stick it on top of a garden fire then put the ash on ur muck heap
  7. bills at the min then saving up for ferret gear me thinks
  8. hi guys im selling up and getting in to ferreting next season so here is the things ive for sale . BSA ULTRA SINGLE SHOT WITH NIKKO STIRLING MOUNT MASTER 3-9X40 SCOPE AND MOUNTS.WEBLEY HAND PUMP WITH ADAPTOR. HW SILINCER 1/2" SCREW ON. ALMOST BRAND NEW SMALL SCRATCH ON FRONT AS I CLIPED THE WALL WITH IT BUT STILL WORKS GREAT. BYPOD 6" TO 12" never been on a rifle yet , i got it but never had time to fit itso brand new. logan rifle lamp comes with 3 battrys 2 chargers and 2 buttom cords all working fine. also a kasu rifle carry bag . like new two straps with 2 smaller p
  9. well to the vets for some front line it is then thanks guys. will i have to detick my other ones , they havent been next to the hob but maybe on the safe side?
  10. a chap i know called me up over a month ago. he had found a pole hob in his garden, he went out the back and it was sat on top of the rabbit cage down bottom of garden and i was the only one he know kept ferrets he is around one year old , he must of been out weeks as he was just a bag of bones well ive had him over 3 weeks now and he is a great little hob even my little girl carrys him around soft as anything and he is putting the beef back on nicely . but the only problem is he is covered in ticks they only seam to have popped up over the last week maybe they was to small for me to spot when
  11. one of my hobs really set about my jill ripping her neck and pulled a lot of hair out but didnt kill her , but she really put up a fight . im sorry to here your lose mate but i guess it can happen
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