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  1. no works fine and get on with it best bit of kit ever spot on all the time with it not lost a rabbit yet its just my car needs fixing so only selling for that, dont really want to but needs must
  2. deben mk3m ferret finder and collar used 3 times £150ono 07896092242 please call me not email or pm as i do not come on much maybe 2 times aweek and i would not want you to miss out thanks
  3. deben mk3m ferret finder and collar used 3 times £150ono 07896092242
  4. well im normally stick the ferret in their face and keep hold of him on the collar if i got a dog like urs and let him have a sniff if he goes to bite it give him a smack hell learn after a few clips but realy u shudave have intruduced him to them from the day u had him mate. try that and tell me how it goes buddy

  5. its a strange one really im take my dog with me when i go too the ferret cage too feed them and i handle the ferrets in front of him!! not now but when i was breaking him in!! its really a case of drumming it in too him but still i wouldnt 100% trust him out in the field if hes hiped up and one comes out he may make a mistake!! really wish u all the best fella let me if...

  6. thanks mate

    he is only just 2 he is fine with all over live stock that you could think of bing out ferreting/lamping apart from cats he just really wants the ferrets think its just there small and furry

  7. when we are out just telling him to keep off and putting him in the big ferret shed with the ferrets for 20 min aday

  8. what have u tried to stop him being dodgey with ferrets?

  9. yes mate abit can you help

  10. you still having problems with your dog with ferrets mate?

  11. really pissed off got towork tomoro no ferreting for me

  12. dont no whathappened,never got to read your text.sound any way

  13. me 2 if there is no mooonnnnnnnn

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