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  1. I use a ledray GL2 never let me down yet. Atb. Adam.
  2. Hi cozzyamy88. Where abouts are you, i'll take them off you. Maybe meet up and have a brew eh. ATB. Adam.
  3. Hi Wuzzy, Cheers for the pic, he looks lovley, having a word with the missus tonight when she finishes work so i'll be in touch in the morning, pm me you number and i'll give you a call. Used to live not far from tod myself a few years back. ATB, Adam.
  4. Hi Wuzzy, Have you got any pics of him please. got two JRTs to keep him company. Cheers, Adam.
  5. Hi Col, Will call you in the morning about meeting up, we've had the decorators in all week in the bar and resturant, looking good, maybe you could fetch it down over the weekend and have a meal on us??. ATB. Adam.
  6. Hi Col, I've just PM'D you, it tell's you in that about my finger (or nearly lack of)!!!!. :sick: Cheers. Adam.
  7. Hi springspan, Have you still got the air arms?, i'm only down in penrith. Cheers adam.
  8. Hi Jake, Are the ferrets pets (indoors) or are they workers (outdoors)? Where abouts in manchester are you? Cheers, Adam.
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