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  1. rossy08

    shotgun cab

    Wanted 2-3 cabinate cash waiting around nottingham area can collect.
  2. another tumbs up from me pal,were all entilted to our thoughs but some are ill informed.
  3. rossy08

    been gifted this

    guttend when i sold the last one i had, the made in w germany says enough about the age, do get it cronoed tho, i came across myn by someone bringing it into the shop having it tested(was over 13ish if i rember) but had i big crack in the stock.i still brought it sorted it sold it on hear and the new owner loved it as much as i did, fantastic build for the age. all the best with yours mate ps. dont sell it you will regret it. Andy
  4. rossy08

    advise needed

    id go looking at aa pcps, you can get a new s400 superlight for 440, so emagin what you can get for less thats a little older ore a little kocked up. sell them all look at aa pcp... i dont think theres anything that can go wrong with myn that i cant have fixed without sending the gun off....as for droping the gun,,,well iv been shooting in every weather slid down hills the lot never droped my gun.. just my 10pence worth
  5. the mk1 rapdis can be turned up easy (as can may guns)there is a allen key at the rear near the bolt,,if the stocks been cut away then its a dead sign of it been ing tamperd with....shall say no more..
  6. rossy08

    HELP can i own an air rifle again?

    a good shooting mate of mine son was done for a fire arm offence (all be it it was a lighter that happend to look like a 357,an he thretend some one with it) he has spent 18 at our mages servive, his dad (my mate) can no longer keep his guns at home, as other wise his son wont get bail.....as he was convicted for a firearms offence he or any one in the house is prohibited from any form of fire arms for life....(even blanks reps..or as he had some £10 lighter that looks like a gun.) was the lads fault hes inside,,,,act like a want to be gangster then do the time...but as above his dad that has shot for 30years now has to keep his guns at my house.....
  7. rossy08

    Getting back into Hunting.

    awesome rifle mate no need for an upgrage there no matter the age of it.
  8. rossy08

    daystate help

    iv beem resistig the temptation to comment on this,,,but the force has now left me... so im with tony,,,,out of all the people i no that have these gaystate thing'es (alot) non of them have not had a problem,power creep, crap mags, piss poor accurecy even from new, you name it,....well you pay for the customer care you say.....its the same as you get from aa bsa,,you just dont have to send theres back as often. my thoughts and as ever MY opinion but........................... dont insult the river water jump up and down on it and cut your losses...buy something elce.
  9. you may well find its the stock that go's first, have seen many many of these cum through the shop door with cracked stocked,triggers the go off when they like.. just be carefull with it pal.. all the best with your little project though Andy
  10. its just another version of the west lake db4 with the same build quality (pritty poor) i wouldent waste your time or money trying to do it up.. they only sell new for about 45 50 quid, just open it up and have a look for you self.. Andy
  11. rossy08

    Which gun??

    if you like dragging a dead body round the feild then go for the hw...(my opinion,be for you hack into me.lol). me id get a good s410/s510 secondhand then get it regged and still have money for a scope. rapid's are also very good rifles though.
  12. i used the thunderbolt when they first ever came out in .22 when .177 werent even made......they in my eyes will never work in .22 in the s410 as the mag hates them there to big for it [bANNED TEXT] cycle or feed into the breach smoothly without the risk of damaging the skirt of the pell..... i have not however tried them in the s400 .177. though a good mate of myn texted me only 2 days ago to say they (in.177)run at 1050fps in his daystate ranger but only with the single shot tray. but has not tried them for accurecy yet. Ady
  13. rossy08

    loss of preasure s410

    only just go chance to look bk on this,,,but as davy has said,,,, cheers davy how you doin mate? Andy
  14. rossy08


    www.hawkeoptics.com down load chair gun pro.. or just listen to zini belive u me the date he's given you will be spot on...if power an pellet weight are the same... Andy